9 Instagram-Worthy Outside Comic-Con Events

9 Instagram-Worthy Outside Comic-Con EventsSo you’re couldn’t get a Comic-Con badge and fear your Instagram account is just not going to be as cool as everyone else’s? Fear not! If you’re in San Diego the week of this Hollyweird extravaganza, there are still plenty of spots where no badge is required! From mouthless cats to the undead, I’ve got you covered!

Adult Swim Fun House

July 18-20th
Petco Park Interactive Zone Parking Lot at Park Blvd. & Imperial Ave

Giant inflatable castle promising good times (and photo ops), free beer, tacos, and a t-shirt?! At least that is what happened in Athens, GA when Adult Swim did a test run of the Fun House. Now headed to San Diego Comic-Con, who knows what surprises are in store? Just be prepared to wait in a line! The Fun House is free and open to public (18+ sorry kids) from 5-10pm BUT you need a ticket to get in. Tickets are limited and released at 4pm each day. It’s probably best to get there at the same time you would wait for your favorite Ballroom 20 panel. Not Hall H though, that’s pushing it.

Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland
Pop Up Shop

July 18-20th
Petco Park Interactive Zone Parking Lot at Park Blvd. & Imperial Ave

It’s Hello Kitty’s official debut to Comic-Con, and she’s doing it in style – with her own comic of course! Duh! More than just a spot for extreme retail therapy (I bet you’re using your Hello Kitty credit card, aren’t you?) this Wonderland will be the launch spot of Hello Kitty’s new graphic novel “Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland.” Think colors, music, giveaways, and Lolitas. Not the seducing kind – the Japanese fashion trend of dressing in Victorian-esque clothing. Hosted by Kitty White and girls dressed in Lolita, you won’t even need a photo filter for all colors about to invade your smartphone!

Regular Show Regular Zone

July 18-21
The New Children’s Museum, 200 West Island Ave.

For a second year in a row, Cartoon Network is taking over The New Children’s Museum with a fun interactive zone for all ages. Even if you are not a fan of Regular Show (or don’t know what it is – in which case you should educate yourself w/some Netflix), heading over to the Children’s Museum is a must! Step into an arcade dressed up as the 80s – neon lighting, video games of the decade, and of course Regular Show video games and blow up characters to pose with. Your photo filters will make a little more sense here.

History Channel’s
Vikings Interactive Waterway

July 18-20
Parking Lot at 450 2nd Ave.

I’m going to level with you, I don’t know what this Vikings show is, but a Vikings Interactive Waterway sounds AMAZING to me! You get to race viking ships on an actual waterway! Shielded maidens will greet you! Vikings, vikings, and more vikings! And if you really can’t take a photo on your phone yourself because you’re too busy racing ships (psh, I know you’re more skilled than that), there are photo ops for you there! Oh yeah, and I guess you’ll want to meet the cast too? I mean, I do – just to say I did. They’ll be there on Friday from 11-noon. You’ll for sure want to Insta-hashtag them.

Insidious 2

July 18th
Location TBA

While a badge is not needed for this event, you do need an invite, and by the time you read this, it might be too late. But I can’t skip out on posting about this event, it’s probably the most interactive and frightening thing on my list! 300 fans will be given a tour of a haunted loft that has been transformed into the “reality of the Lambert family.” I hate scary movies, I couldn’t watch the entire trailer without freaking out (why do they have to make children so creepy?) – so I know this prop filled loft will be FILLED w/imagery that will be stored both in your head and Instagram feeds forever! *shudder*

Star Wars Yappy Hour

July 19th
Hotel Indigo, 509 9th Ave

It’s not Comic-Con without Stormtroopers – but what fun is it seeing regular people dressed up in costume? Pft! It’s all about cute animals dressed as Jabba the Hutt (please, oh please let there be at least one Shar Pei as a Jabba the Hutt)! Celebrating Petco’s new line of Star Wars apparel and toys for pups and kittens, Chewbacca and Darth Vader (and probably some other fun characters) will host a “Yappy Hour” from 4-7pm. There are treats for your pets, and if you’re dressed in Star Wars gear, you also get a “Wookie Juice” cocktail. Even if you don’t have a pet to dress up for this Yappy Hour, it’s worth going to for cute overload! #Instagood #petsofinstagram #betyouwishyouhadapetofyourown

Hotline Comic-Con

July 19th
1401 E St.

I’ve already told you where to go for some wholesome 80s fun, but now it’s time for the adults! Based on a popular (and violent) indie video game, Hotline Miami, Hotline Comic-Con is ready to give you the visuals and sounds of the 80s, 90s, and the 80s/90s influenced! Also, get ready to be zombified as comic artist Pablo Stanley will be on hand to draw you as a bloody creature – which you can then take with you into the photo booth where you can perform selfie-inception (and if I have to explain to you how to do that w/your drawing, a photo booth, and your mobile phone – then you have not yet reached the highest level of Instagram). Selfies not your thing? Then prepare to take Instagram videos of Miami Horror, Australian musicians who have gotten the indie dance world in a tizzy! Yes, I really talk like this. Tickets and info at oheyemusing.ticketsocket.com.

Radical Studios and Ploom Presents Comic Derived Party at Comic-Con

July 19th
The Keating Hotel, 432 F. St.

Another invite only party, but one that is a lot less scary, and a lot classier. We all need at least one shot of us taking in the arts, and perhaps another shot of us looking dapper or elegant in a tobacco room! Radical Studios, the producers of Tom Cruise’s “Oblivion” and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “Hercules,” present a pop up party that will certainly have your friends singing your praises, for you truly appreciate comics and the cinema as an art form. Featuring original creations from Radical Studios, this art exhibition will also include vintage video games as well as cocktails to get you nice and toasty for the many selfies you will be taking while in that aforementioned tobacco room. There went classy, but it’s OK – all is forgiven! You’ve picked out a flattering filter to mask the buzz.

91x and FEARnet Present:
7th Annual Comic-Con Zombie Walk

July 20th
Childrens’ Park, Martin Luther King Promenade

In their 7th year, the zombies take the streets again – and just like Star Wars – if you don’t see at least 10 or 500 zombies, then you’re not really at a Comic-Con (or city hosting one). If you’re down to dress up as a zombie, the walk starts at the Children’s Park at 6:30pm. However, if you’re more of the observer type, the best view of the walk is along 5th ave. Visit one of the restaurants, order some grub, and ask for patio seating, you won’t regret it! And may I just say, this would be THE BEST time to use Instagram video if you haven’t already. Get artsy with the zombies and choose one of those fun new filters. I’m probably going to pick “Moon” for dramatic effect. For more info, head to the Zombie Walk: San Diego Facebook page.

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