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by on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

We have been mentioned on many great websites and Twitter accounts. Here are some of our favorites:

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The very first MoG post was an origami design on January 11, 2010. And while that date signifies the official launch, the MoG team had formed many years before. While working together at the same company, Chaunce (web developer) approached Joey (web developer) and Andy (electronic marketing) with an idea for a blogazine. With the goal of being a shared online resource of programming, design, and marketing concepts, Matters of Grey begun.

With three unique personalities, backgrounds, and interests, this goal of becoming a resource quickly evolved into becoming a public resource in the niche arena of geekdom.

The MoG team has grown in size, becoming a geek collective that writes about design, usability, social medias, SEO, technology, typography, nerd humor, and even ringtones. We have become one of the leading resources of comprehensive information to users of Foursquare. Our Foursquare badge list and forum are in-depth assets to everyone in the 4sq community.

We can be found on a variety of social networks curating and creating items that appeal to the inner nerd in all of us. Look for us on Pinterest, Tumblr, Klout, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, and of course, Foursquare.

Our Crew

Chaunce ‘Red’ Dolan

Chaunce DolanChaunce has been in the Web industry since 2004 and specializes in User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX). He also has vast experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as Social Marketing. When not coding or wrestling with IE issues, he spends his free time writing tech articles, doing origami, and watching movies, and being a geeky dad.

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Andy Morales

Andy Morales About UsAndy is a graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara where he received a B.A. in Communication Studies and minor in English, while also becoming an all-conference runner on the cross-country team. Andy currently resides in San Diego and spends his free time traveling, playing golf and basketball, rooting for the Padres, and spending time with his niece and nephews.

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Greg Crisci

Greg Crisci About UsGreg is a business development enthusiast who is always looking for new platforms for the MoG brand. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he is currently launching his very own start-up company, Tip Network, an end-to-end tip management solution. Before launching his own company, Greg was a part of Digitaria | a JWT Company, 2012s OMMA Digital Agency of the Year.

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Joey Hernandez

Joey Hernandez About UsJoey is a Web Developer/Designer from San Diego, CA. He has experience with WordPress, PHP, HTML, and CSS. He also co-owns a web site consulting business named Gorirra Consulting. If you’re interested in having him create a web site for you, visit the site and contact him. He has also done astute research in beer drinking, and has created an awesome beer list from his “year of the beer” challenge.

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Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith About Us PageGeoff is a Webmaster, Web Programmer, and basically an overall tech geek. Along with Joey, he co-owns a web site consulting business named Gorirra Consulting. He has contributed to MoG a few posts, and numerous back-end tech, server, and WordPress expertise.

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Robert Cruz

Robert Cruz About UsRob is a Senior Software Developer at CoreLogic Inc. specializing in C# .Net application development and Microsoft SQL Server technologies. Rob enjoys keeping up with video games, science and technology along with the occasional lolcat.

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Forum Moderators

The Matters of Grey Forum is an important part of the MoG community. Discussions occur practically daily regarding retired, current, and upcoming Foursquare badges. It is free to join in the forum, and it’s where a lot of the research happens for our Foursquare Badge List.


Usually one of the first on the scene when it comes to posting new Foursquare badge info in the MoG Forum as one of our beloved moderators. As well, he helps keep the Forum in an orderly fashion.


Tymora Aurora

When not creating alcoholic concoctions for patrons, she loves movies and shares her view on them here at MoG. She also contributes quite frequently to the MoG Forum as a moderator.

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The orange and blue moderator-Foursquare-ninja. He is Syracuse fan, and Foursquare lover extraordinaire.



He has the Vegas Foursquare legions on lockdown and answers forum questions by the dozen.



Moderates and elaborates all things MoG Forum. Also a Texas Rangers fan.


Other Contributors

There are many people that have contributed to MoG who we consider a part of our large team. These people listed below have contributed posts, wallpaper designs, and most importantly, friendship, and support.

Joshua Riddle

Joshua is a full time Web Developer/Designer who has contributed articles and wallpapers to MoG. Joshua enjoys music, art, movies, micro beers and anything culinary.

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Larisa Morris

A graphic designer with a variety of specialties, Larisa has contributed often to our monthly desktop typography calendar wallpapers.

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Dave Vasquez

Dave is a graphic designer who has a very unique style. He designs detailed prints of musicians, movies, tv shows, and other pop culture items. He has contributed a variety of times to our typography wallpapers.

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Desi Mendoza

Desi has contributed to MoG in a variety of ways, including taking pics at events, and contributing a photography geek gift guide. As husband and wife photographers, Desi and wife Tammy have their own photography company.

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Laura Henao

Laura loves to write, bake and travel. She believes in the possibility of being dazzled by everyday matters. She has contributed a few articles to MoG as well as our tasty anniversary cakes.

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Juan Lalinde

Our South American liaison, Juan has contributed in a variety of ways for MoG. He has written a post, and contributed to meetups in Colombia, Argentina, and Spain.

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Skurvi Pyrate

Gamer: since Pong. Platforms: wii, xbox 360 & ps3. Favorite game: COD franchise. Preferred game genre. First person shooter or freeform gameplay. For a living he works as a Service Writer/Mechanic.


Lisa Liguori

Lisa has contributed to MoG in ways that include administering and interpreting a team MBTI exam, as well as she has submitted a few desktop wallpapers. She holds a variety of patents including one for her latest skiing invention.

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Jeannie Hart

Jeannie works from Bakersfield, CA as an international artist, writer, and designer. She has contributed some posts, and a love for Star Wars to MoG.

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Sarmad Nazemi

Sarmad is our resident expert music writer. He has contributed to our posts, to our Best Buy Music Wish List 2012, as well as with Dave, runs his own Facebook music page.

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