Arrested Development Ringtones

We recently received a Cease and Desist letter from Fox regarding our Arrested Development Ringtones post. We are hoping to discuss the issue with them shortly to see if there is any way we can keep these ringtones on our site. Please check back again soon.

-MoG team

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  1. Could we have the “Mr F” sting from “For British Eyes Only” ?


  2. what about buster saying IT WALKED ON MY PILLOW


    “Marry me!”
    “Forget Me Now”
    “The fact that you call it that tells me you’re not ready.”
    Anything about “Army”.
    “I’m going to find the hospital bar.”

    Just some suggestions. Trust me, I’m so so grateful.

    1. Also: “Yellow Boat”

    2. I know ingrid! so many good ones for a round 2. I just gotta find or create a good clean audio version of it to start with. Soon, i hope!

  4. Could you possibly put all the Chicken Dances on here?
    I would love to have George Seniors ‘Coo Coo Ca Chah’ for when my dad calls me, Lucilles ‘A Coodle Doodle Do’ for when my mum calls, Lindsays ‘Cha Chee’ for when my sister calls etc!

    1. Those would be amazing Sarah, and have always been on my “to do wish list”

  5. Awesome!

    I 3rd that. We need Getaway as a ringtone!

  6. I agree – we desperately need Getaway from Season 4 as a ringtone.

    1. Thanks for adding Getaway!