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  1. Breaking Bad Minimalist Posters

    DeviantArt artist spineless05 recently designed a collection of minimalist posters with a Breaking Bad theme. Some of them you could probably guess right off what they are, a couple others I had to think about a little bit more. All in all, its a fun collection. They might even make a great mobile phone wallpaper… Read More

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Seen at Comic Con 2015

Every con has a story. Every con has an angle. Some years it can be “Panel-Con.” While other years it might be “Swag-Con,” or “Party-Con.” All years tend to have a form of “Wait in Line-Con.” And every year has the cosplay, the crowds, and the energy in downtown San Diego at Comic-Con International. You... Read More

The Moonlight Amphitheater Gets All Shook Up

“All Shook Up” is a fun romp of a musical featuring the music of Elvis Presley. Set in a fictional mid-western community, ASU tells the story of roving roustabout Chad (played by Michael James Byrne) as he meets various characters and how his interactions bring about change in a small town setting. What’s engaging about... Read More

The Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender Live On!

Even though the ever popular and beloved Legend of Korra saw its series finale back in December, creative artists and fans have come together to showcase their finest work. March 7, 2015 saw the grand opening of the Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition. Fan artwork as well as projects from... Read More