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  1. Social Media Week

    Today, Chicago, Beirut, Berlin, Los Angeles, Bogota, Milan, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Glasgow, Vancouver and Sao Paulo are saying farewell to the ninth Social Media Week (SMW), an ambitious event that gathers people around the dynamic topics of social and mobile media. The idea of SMW is to connect people and allow them… Read More

  2. – The Book Genome Project

    Some weeks ago the World Wide Web witnessed the birth of, a website that melds book analysis and database technology to deliver automated book recommendations. Launched in beta version, this book discovery search engine has already been called the Pandora for books. However, Aaron Stanton, CEO of Novel Projects Inc., prefers to call it… Read More

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Space Balls The Schwartz Awakens

Many Star Wars themed items (such as our #starwarssnowflakes) are surfacing with the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens later this week. Artist Joshua Budich continues that trend but with parody posters of the classic comedy movie Spaceballs. The detailed classic look of these posters are taken from the set designed by Olly Moss.... Read More

The Best-Selling Games And Systems Of All-Time {Infographic}

How would you rate the best selling games or systems? Here at Matters of Grey we have had this debate many times. I think we have a few posts that are drafted up even. Always open to debate we came across this infograph put out by What is your favorite game? Which is your... Read More

Marvel Comics Introduces Avengers K

Classic Marvel tales told through an exciting international lens! Adapted from the classic Avengers comics, Ultron comes to life in the traditional South Korean style of manhwa comics. On November 16th, Marvel announced AVENGERS K, the first in a brand new publishing initiative that will enlist an untapped pool of international talent to bring these... Read More