BatteryBot Brings Geek To Boring Batteries

batterybotThe ABC’s of life now means to Always Be Charging. Our phones have become our portable computers and communication devices and this aggressively drains batteries. To solve this dilemma there have been many different external phone chargers on the market. But they are all boring! ‘Til now.

Mimoco is a handful of days into their BatteryBot kickstarter project to bring the geek cred to external batteries. Mimoco has been making geeky products since 2005. If you don’t recognize the name, you definitely will recognize their most known product: USB thumb drives that look like the coolest characters that ever graced the movie screen. We’ve been keeping a closer eye on Mimoco ever since we had the opportunity to interview (and party with) them at CES last year. Not only do they make a cool product, but they are down to earth people.

What they are hoping to bring to market now is not an unknown product, but a cooler product. External battery supplies are amazing lifesavers at big events such as Comic-Con or CES where signal and data are in high demand. Bringing style and soul to the battery business, Mimoco hopes you will support their kickstarter. They have some great incentives if you do, including a free trip to Comic-Con!

This is a Kickstarter project that deserves your attention.


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