Changing the World #1FaceWatch At A Time

This is not a watch1:Face Watch, a campaign inspired partly by René François Ghislain Magritte, wanted to cultivate cultural change. You see, Magritte painted a picture of a pipe and under the image were the words “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” – this is not a pipe. It was a merely a painting, but lacked the emotional satisfaction of the real thing. It was a painting of a pipe, but it had a deeper meaning. 1:Face is a watch, but it is so much more. It is a physical representation of a watch but the meaning is deeper than that.

We spoke recently to the creative director behind the project, Fam Mirza. Mirza grew up in a third-world country as an orphan before eventually coming west. This experience of first living in and then going from third-world to first-world provided an interesting perspective on life. Out of this perspective arose the goal to do something that would benefit the world in an impactful way. His latest project is this beautiful and stylish watch that works in collaboration with a variety of charities. However, don’t jump to conclusions and think this is another company trying to ride the trend of the 1 for 1 business model. Mirza is quick to admit that they aren’t the experts in charity nor can they be, or make the impact that an established charity can make. So if the goal is to help people, than why reinvent the wheel, but instead, work with those that are already doing it well. Mirza has currently made arrangements with many charities to provide a direct correlation between what you purchase and the charity provided.

How It Works

Each watch is bold color, and this color represents the cause that you want to support. These are direct metrics, so you know exactly what you are “buying.” The power of consumers can change the world.

Pink = Breast Cancer. 14 watches, provides 1 mammogram.

Yellow = Water. 625 watches, builds 1 well in Rwanda.

Black = Cancer. 1 watch, provides support for 8 cancer patients.

Blue = Environment. 3 watches, provides 1 charcoal efficient stove in Haiti.

Red = AIDS. 5 watches, provides AIDS treatment for 1 month.

Grey = Hunger. 1 watch, feeds 16 children.

Join the 1:Face Movement

We don’t just write articles and share these types of movements just because. We firmly believe in their mission and we are happy to extend a hand when called upon.

There are multiple ways to participate and join this movement of helping others through 1:Face.

Buy a watch

With your purchase, you’ll be making a real and measurable difference in lives around the world. Watches are being sold through the 1:Face campaign.

Support the #1Face Trend

Follow and retweet the messages associated with the #1facewatch hashtag on twitter and Instagram. This helps share, inspire, and unite the message of helping others.

Enter The Contest: 1 Watch, 1 Person

We were lucky enough to receive a 1:Face Watch to hold and feel the power of what it represents. But, we want you to feel the power too. We are giving away 1 watch to 1 person. Here’s how to enter:

1. Tell us a story that represents a time in your life where charity helped you out or how you helped a charity. You can leave your story in the comments of this page or on our Facebook page.

2. Then, share the story using #1facewatch.

{Winner will receive a black edition watch. Open to U.S. residents only. We will pay shipping.} 


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  1. One of my most amazing moments is inspiring women in a shelter to knit baby caps that I then took to Malawi, Africa and handed out to new mothers for their babies in the Premie and Malnutrition Wards.

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