Curls 1 / Type 3 – Tomoko Fuse

by on Monday, January 11th, 2010

Curls 1 - Type 3 - Tomoko Fuse
This modular origami piece happens to be one of my favorite of Tomoko Fuse’s. It has a very organic and mathematical feel to it. It happens to be a fairly involved and lengthy build to do, but is well worth the time. I would suggest using 2.5″ sized paper or larger to make this. The last module is the most challenging to put in and having a larger paper to work with makes it less difficult. Also, stiffer papers work better than softer or fabric-type papers, again for reasons of working with the last module’s insertion.

You will need 30 base pieces and 30 face pieces. The 60 pieces together create 30 modules. You will only end up using 30 sheets of paper though as each piece only uses half of a square.


curls 1 - type 3 - Tomoko Fuse