Despicable Me 2 – Minions Banana Song Ringtone

Minions RingtonesThe Despicable Me 2 Minion Banana Song gets stuck easily in one’s head. Now you can have it stuck on your phone.

Below are unofficial ringtones of portions of this track so that you can smile every time your phone rings or you receive a text alert. Each ringtone has an audio players so that you can listen to it. There are also links to download the file in two formats, mp3 and m4r (iPhone).


Banana Song Part 1 – mp3 / m4r

Banana Song Part 2 – mp3 / m4r

Banana Song Part 3 – mp3 / m4r

Banana Song Part 4 – mp3 / m4r

Banana Song Part 5 – mp3 / m4r

Banana Song Part 6 – mp3 / m4r

Banana Song Full Version – mp3 / m4r


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  4. Isn’t it the Beach Boys’ ‘Barbara Ann’, and not the Banana Boat song?

    1. it is indeed NOT the banana boat song. It is based off the Beach Boys track, however they are saying “banana”