Earth’s Mightiest Tribute Pack

Full time illustrator Rob Duenas began a Kickstarter project on April 8th called Earth’s Mightiest Tribute Print Pack! The project will offer eight 11″x17″ prints based from the Avengers series, rendered in his watercolor “Saucy” style. This collection is awesome.

He met his goal in the first few days and has 8 days left in the funding period. The project has been doing so well in fact that he also offered a handful of stretch goals for backers:

  • a Thanos print
  • a Coulson print
  • a print that the backers decide

MoG Bonus

Being backers ourselves, we were able to talk him into opening up one of the sold out backer levels so that our fans could get in on this awesome deal.

He is adding 25 more backer slots to the pledge level of AVENGERS, ASSEMBLED!. It includes the 11″x17″ print set of all 8 Avengers characters. You also get a bonus, one of a kind, random sketch. You can pledge this set for $45 and you get a total of 11 prints (including the three stretch goal ones). These additional slots will get scooped up pretty fast, so get them while you can.

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