Fixer Upper Foursquare Badge

Today, Foursquare released a new badge called Fixer Upper. It’s black and construction-yellow design with a wrench and hammer hopes to inspire users to get some home repairs and improvements done. It is also one of many recent location independent badges that have been released to help combat the stigmata that most Foursquare badges are New York City based.

This badge is also very similar to suggestion that we submitted back in the day called Mr. Fixit. We would like to think that we had a small part in this creation of this badge.

Whether you’re here for 1/4″ electro-galvinized roofing nails or that hammer-machine-saw-thingy, here’s to getting stuff done!

How to unlock: 3 checkins to venues categorized as “Hardware”, with at least two unique venues

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  1. I checked in 3 times to hardware stores. Two were the same Lowes location and the third was to a Home Depot. All were properly categorized as hardware stores. I still have not unlocked the badge. I will try going to another Home Depot soon and see if I can unlock it.

  2. I just unlocked it today unknowingly but came to know of its significance in this forum.

  3. I have checkins at several venues categorized as “Hardware”, since this badge was released, and I am even the mayor of one of them, and I have not gotten this badge…

    1. I got it today, by checking in to a local hardware store for three days in a row (full disclosure: I’m one of the security guards there, and I usually work there two days a week).

      That could be part of it – three CONSECUTIVE checkins to venues marked “Hardware”.

      1. The unlocks don’t have to be consecutive. We have a discussion about this in the forum:

  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Picked up the badge today. My foursquare friends are envious hahaha.

  5. lmao hello

  6. How do you actually get this badge?

    1. The unlock directions are just above. Is there something confusing about the directions?