Me Talk Pretty Badge
  • ChaunceChaunce May 2011

    How to Unlock
    1. Follow Me Talk Pretty
    2. Check in to a unknown number of recommended venues

    Unlock instructions verified on: 00/00/0000
  • Do we have any idea when this will be active?
  • ChaunceChaunce May 2011
    No dates yet
  • choad17choad17 January 2012
    Any news?
  • JR1JR1 January 2012
    Have not seen or heard anything new about this badge in months. They never got back to me when I emailed them to ask about the badge. Hopefully it still does happen.. Just have to keep wating.....
  • travianerstravianers March 2012
    please move this to Never Activated badge thread since the badge is not activated
  • TymoraTymora March 2012
    @travianers do you have information on these badges? If you have a link to any information on this badge we would love for you to share it!
  • travianerstravianers March 2012
    it's almost a year since the first post of this thread and nothing happen. so better move this thread to Never Activated badges
  • EMcCutchanEMcCutchan October 2012
    The page to follow,, no longer even exists. Take that information as you will.
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Yea they changed their name. They are now called Cilver and their Follow page is .. However based on the name change and lack of response from them when I have tried to contact them This discussion is being moved to never activated.
This discussion has been closed.
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