Possible Epic Swarm Event - NBA Finals game 1 - Miami, FL Tuesday May 31st 9pm
  • Let's make this work people! Spread the word!

    American Airlines Arena, game 1 of the NBA Finals, 9pm eastern time, Tuesday May 31st, Heat vs. Mavericks

    Venue: https://foursquare.com/venue/362301

    Pocketcrowd: http://pocketcrowd.com/venues/details?vid=362301
  • JR1JR1 May 2011
    NBA Finals Game 1 -- Tue May 31, Dallas at /Miami 9 p.m. ET (UTC-5)
  • Fixed, thanks!
  • Unfortunately, 9 p.m. at Miami is equivalent to 3 a.m. here in france ...
  • TymoraTymora May 2011
    I'm off tomorrow so I will MANUALLY check the whole gang in. No mishaps the time
  • TymoraTymora May 2011
    @cestpasevident: bed times are for sissies! Lol!
  • for sure! lol
  • iamciamc May 2011
    I'm in!
  • @cestpasevident if you use pocketcrowd, you can set it for a future check-in and it'll check you in while you're sleeping. then if there's an epic swarm you'll still get it.
  • That's true, but the problem remains: if I ask pocketcrowd to check at a given time, and that the epic happens 5 minutes after, it becomes an epic fail ;)
  • JR1JR1 May 2011
    No u would still get the badge as long as the epic swarm happened with the first 2hrs after u checked in. The only issue that you would have is if you dont already have any of the other swarm badges then you would only get the first one that you didnt have and have to check back in again to get the next one.
  • Thanks for the info, I already have other swarm badge, I'm just missing the epic one.

    thans a lot
  • I was informed pocketcrowd can no longer be used to swarm. is there any solution other applications?
  • try Foursquarrefox,i think it works
  • it's not support for firefox 4 :( if really works i will use that.
  • it does support,the latest version,in fact i'm using it ;)
  • really? I'll try it.
  • okey,,it's mean 8am at june, 1 in Indo
  • are we keep using pocketcrowd?
  • TymoraTymora May 2011
    I just got 2 swarm badges with pocket crowd @ indy 500
  • thanks for your info.
  • anyone that could help spread the word on twitter to their followers as well as other people who can help spread the word and would want to join in on the swarm event, it would be greatly appreciated. Let's make this EPIC happen!
  • Could we put a tips on both venue information ? is it allowed? Does foursquare controls/prevents this tip?
  • I don't see why not!!

    I just added a tip, so I hope that helps. If anyone knows of foursquare forums in Indonesia, or Europe, or other countries that usually participate in these, please post the info there!
  • I'll do that
  • Thank you!
  • Adeen May 2011
    They say u could also use tweetdeck if im not mistaken
  • BangGowesBangGowes May 2011
    I did my future check-in via pocketcrowd and spread the word to my followers, let's have a swarm party!
  • awesome. how many followers do you have?

    also, did you link the pocketcrowd link to your followers?
  • BangGowesBangGowes May 2011
    Not much, a dozen, yes I linked it to them...:)
  • I just contacted a guy who's twitter name is dens (www.twitter.com/dens). He apparently is Dennis Crowley, one of the creaters of foursquare! He has over 30,000 followers! He said he is going to retweet the info out for the epic swarm event tonight! Hopefully, this will work then!
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