Where To Eat 2011 Badge
  • JR1JR1 June 2011

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow NYMag.com
    2. Checkin to 5 recommended venues

    Venues are NYC specific

    Unlock instructions verified on: 07/01/2011


    List of recommended venues can be found Here

    Unlock Message:
    "From haute sandwich shops to brand new tiki bars, you clearly know Where to Eat in New York."
  • i already tried CI in that venue, but why badge can't find. I already follow NYMag, which one i missed ?? thanks.
  • TymoraTymora July 2011
    This badge is now retired
  • 4bah_9ahuL4bah_9ahuL July 2011
    @rickysusilo the badge is RETIRED
  • nikshine July 2011
    This badge is still active. I unlock on June 26, 2011
  • RainWave23RainWave23 July 2011
    Once again, your unlock was 10 days ago. No unlocks since 6/30, so it appears that's when the badge stopped being active. You have to keep in mind, just because a badge has been unlocked within the last 2 weeks doesn't mean it is still active. I searched on twitter and there are no recent unlocks. This badge is retired.
  • top2view July 2011
    Someone still alive... cause you "just" met him 2 week ago???
    That make sense?
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