American Red Cross Badge
  • JR1JR1 June 2011
    American Red Cross
    How to unlock
    1. Shout “Donation Red Cross” while checking in anywhere
    2. Shout must be made with a checkin

    Unlock instructions verified on: 07/01/2011

    Dont have to follow any brand to get this badge just shout with a checkin.

    Unlock Message:
    "Congratulations! Your blood donation may have just helped to save a life."
  • AlexJuniorAlexJunior June 2011
    did anyone unlock this lately?
  • JR1JR1 June 2011
    No just checked no recent unlocks. Everyone still has this listed as an active badge but i am going to go ahead and move it to retired since i cant find a recent unlock on it anywhere.
  • AlexJuniorAlexJunior June 2011
    Okay,since there are no recent unlocks,it may be retired/inactive. thanks @JR1
  • JR1JR1 June 2011
    Yea no prob. If i hear anything about the badge becoming reactive i will post it on here and move the badge back to active.
  • ChaunceChaunce June 2011
    Shoot me a message when you put a badge as retired here in the 4um so I can update the master list. I don't want the two to become mismatched
  • JR1JR1 June 2011
    Ok not a prob. Will do.
  • TymoraTymora June 2011
    I just tried it and it didn't unlock.
  • AlexJuniorAlexJunior June 2011
    Yup,cause it's confirm inactive/retired for the moment.
  • ChaunceChaunce June 2011
    I updated it on the main list
  • parrish72parrish72 July 2011
    this is a badge that should never retire....there is a low supply of blood products during vacation time.....Im an RN and would love to have that badge!
  • RainWave23RainWave23 July 2011
    Yes but keep in mind it costs money to have a badge. To the tune of $25,000 per month from what I understand. So I believe this retired for that reason.
  • jiaren777 August 2011
    It is now active ;)
  • JR1JR1 August 2011
    Badge has been reactivared.
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2011
    Sweet!! I just missed this one last time.
  • _s0l1d__s0l1d_ August 2011
    doesn't work here (belgium)
  • MCMV August 2011
    doesn't work here too (Turkey)
  • erik_groot August 2011
    Just unlocked this one (in Toulouse) by shouting Donation Red Cross. I combined it with a un-categorized venue check-in
  • I unlocked this badge today in New York. You need to check-in ANYWHERE and shout "donation red cross". I tried just shouting and it did not work.
  • xazamxxazamx September 2011
    i've just got this batch.just check in under categories tag with hospital and shout "Donation Red Cross" - & done.
  • RainWave23RainWave23 September 2011
    @xazamx category doesnt matter. the instructions for this badge have already been determined above
  • JohnBballerJohnBballer September 2011
    Just got this badge in Toronto, Canada. I just followed the instructions, unlocked it at a bank.
  • danib20 March 2012
    was just able to unlock this!
  • Pleasurie May 2012
    Need some help on tis badge! Thanx!
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd May 2012
    @Pleasurie This badge is super easy to get. Read and follow the unlock instructions. It is still active, I just got it on a test account.

    I also just verified that it is not location specific. I unlocked it in the US and in Japan.
  • Pleasurie May 2012
    Oh dear I've shouted & checked in to many places but it just wouldn't pop... :s mind sharing which place did you check in in US to get this badge? Greatly appreciate it!
  • NessunoNessuno May 2012
    i unlocked it in Singapore!
  • TymoraTymora May 2012
    @Pleasurie I just did two checkins at random places and got it unlocked. I put "donation red cross!" In the shout box and checked in. I'm not sure why it isn't unlocking. Did you look in your trophy case and make sure you don't have it? If that isn't the answer try deleting the checkins you did with the shout and try again. This will undo any glitch that may have occured with your prior checkins
  • I unlocked it today checking in Brazil!!
  • MarcosSilveiraMarcosSilveira September 2012
    Unlocked!! easy!!
  • Ulisses September 2012
    O que você fez Marcos? Não estou conseguindo. Já dei um c/i qualquer e escrevi Donation red Cross e nada. Depois criei uma venue "anywhere"e repeti o shout ao fazer o checkin. Nada de novo...
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