Crunked Badge
  • JR1JR1 June 2011

    How to unlock:
    1. Checkin 4 times or more in a single night
    2. Checkins must be at diffrent venues
    3. Checkin between 7pm and 3am local time

    Unlock instructions verified on: 01/18/2013

    Unlock Message:
    "That's 4+ stops in one night for you!"
  • LeneLene August 2012
    I checked in 7 times tonight, but no badge. My checkins were:
    - 8.13 pm: bar
    - 8.15 pm: record store
    - 8.22 pm: bagel place (the bar + record store didn't have wifi, so...)
    - 9.03 pm: park
    - 9.09 pm plaza
    - 9.27 pm park
    - 10.56 pm pub

    What could be the problem? I never did more than 3 checkins in 15 minutes.
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2012
    This is a pretty straight forward badge. Make sure that you don't already have it. If not, wait a few hours and try it again. There are plenty of recent unlocks on twitter. Good luck!!
  • Steakpak August 2012
    @lene just tested on a new account. Unlocked on 4th straight checkin. You probably have it already. It's an old badge.
  • LeneLene August 2012
    It finally unblocked at the 8th checkin. Thanks guys!
  • blueduck37blueduck37 December 2012
    Question about the badge...

    I have been on Foursquare for several months, and have never been able to unlock this badge, even on nights where I made several check-ins. Last night, for instance, I checked in 10 times between 8pm and 2am.

    Any idea why the badge might not be unlocking?

    Are specific venue categories needed?
  • MarkoFacaMarkoFaca December 2012
    My guess that it must be venues such as "bar", "pub", etc... I got mine at a "pub" at 7:05PM...
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