Bender Badge
  • JR1JR1 June 2011

    How to unlock:
    1. Checkin 4 nights in a row at the same bar, speakeasy, lounge, brewery or night club
    2. Checkin between 7pm and 3am local time

    Unlock instructions verified on: 01/18/2013

    Unlock Message:
    "That's 4+ nights in a row for you!"
  • Frank038Frank038 April 2012
    Done 4 consecutive after 7pm checkins but no luck. Any suggestions? Thx in advance.
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012
    Keep trying every night until it unlocks. Sometimes badges are a bit quirky with unlocking.
  • Frank038Frank038 April 2012
    I'll keep going...thx
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012
    No prob!
  • reenavipulreenavipul April 2012
    Does it help to check into a bar?
  • n758zcn758zc April 2012
    Checking into a bar ALWAYS helps!! :) But I don't think it matters for this badge.
  • Frank038Frank038 April 2012
    I'll try bars but I noticed with others any venue it worked.
  • mrzalmrzal April 2012
    i still cant unlock this badges, in my 4sqr ID is still grey but in is already disappear as my badges to unlock list, anyone can help?
  • Frank038Frank038 April 2012
    I'm in same boat. I wonder if we deleted history that got us badge and now it doesn't recognize.
  • Frank038Frank038 April 2012
    Finally got it after 4 straight night Bar checkins.
  • jgomez April 2012
    I've checked in four times after 7 p.m. and nothings happened. Two checkins were in different outdoors and the other two were in the same grocery store. Anybody can help me out?
  • Frank038Frank038 April 2012
    Bar venue worked for me. :)
  • MorrMorr April 2012
    @jgomez try another night or more...sometimes 4sq badges are flaky (if says need 4, then system needs to have a 5th check in to give badge) Some times, I even have to do a few more not sure why
  • I've checked in about 20 nights in a row after 7, most after 11, and still no Bender Badge! Grrrrr!!
    @Kensingtonite try around 7:05pm to 7:10pm. Just see if that helps. Good Luck!
  • I have the same, tried to checkin for a full week after 7, but no unlocking... Kinda weird...
  • TymoraTymora May 2012
    @HouseKeepR_ I need to do some more testing to confirm this, but it could possibly need to be later than 7 and/or it may need to be a bar. It seems that people having trouble with this badge finally get it when they try bars.
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd May 2012
    I have been having issues getting this badge for my "Real Account".
  • @Tymora ok, well ill try it this week to check in 4 nights at a bar, see what happens, I'll let u know..
  • @Tymora it worked, 4th day, unlocked :-)
  • TymoraTymora May 2012
    Testing for me is confirmed. Day 1 checked into an office then a bar at 730pm. The next 3 days my ci's were after 9. First the office then the bar. Badge didn't pop until I checked into the bar on the 4th day. The time is good in instructions but it has to be a bar. I'm going to check other venues to see if maybe its any "nightlife spot" or something like that but it is definitely picky about venue catagory.
  • jgomez May 2012
    Still nothing. i've tried for an entire week and nothing. But reading previous posts it seems that the badge unlocks only after four bar check-ins. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  • TymoraTymora May 2012
    You are correct. It must be a bar, lounge, etc. The unlock instructions were updated on the 12th.
  • jgomez May 2012
    Thanks a lot
  • DanDan May 2012
    @Tymora 4sq must have changed the unlocking criteria since last March 2011. I unlocked my Bender at a fast food venue!
  • TymoraTymora May 2012
    @jgomez no prob and good luck!
    @Dan I think it did. I happen to get mine at a bar because I work in one so I was obviously checking in every night right away but remember people getting theirs at other types of venues. It makes sense to go bar only on this one though because that's REALLY what a bender is!
  • DanDan May 2012
    @Tymora Amen! LOL
  • So, the instructions say the "same" bar, nightclub, etc. Does it really have to be the same one, or can you go to 4 different bars 4 nights in a row?
  • TymoraTymora May 2012
    As far as I know its the same. Haven't test 4 dif. 4 sAme definitely works
  • conroy_conroy_ May 2012
    is it only apply to bar, speakeasy, lounge, brewery and night club, or for all nightlife spots?
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