Racked 38 Badge
  • ChaunceChaunce August 2011
    How to Unlock
    1. Follow Racked
    2. Check in to 3 recommened venues
    3. Previous checkins count
    To Level Up
    1. Checkin 3 more times per level

    Venues are specific to New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


    Any venue recomended on their page will count for this badge

    Unlock instructions verified on: 02/15/2013

    Unlock Message:
    "Score! You've hit three retail locations on Racked.com's ever-evolving list of their 38 favorite places to spend money. May we just say, this badge looks great on you."
  • JR1JR1 August 2011
    Venue Lists:
    All of Racked’s Tips
    Chicago Racked 38
    Los Angeles Racked 38
    New York City Racked 38

    Also tested the badge on a blank history and it took 4 checkins to unlock
  • 4bah_9ahuL4bah_9ahuL August 2011
    just 1x c/i at 24481. hooray..!!
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2011
    Only took me 2 c/i's!!
  • ironpatriotironpatriot August 2011
    unlocked by 2 check ins
  • HarjifangkiHarjifangki August 2011
    Got it with only one check in at 44379!
    Whoa, this is quite sudden. I mean i never knew this badge is around the upcoming badge section, but suddenly it appear in active badge section.
  • Yeah !! Got it in 1 check in at Century 21,@Thanks Chaunce
  • choad17choad17 August 2011
    Been to all 5. Got points for all. Following Racked. I'm even getting the Racked pop-ups when I check into the places. Have not gotten badge yet.

    Edit: Finally got it. Took 6 checkins but if previous count, may be 7 since I was already at one of the recommended venues in the past.
  • iamciamc August 2011
    Glad previous check-ins count. popped it in ONE check in :)
  • meu_dongurimeu_donguri August 2011
    Got it at UNIQLO
  • pudgym29pudgym29 August 2011
    It's been more difficult traversing foursquare since foursquarefox has ceased to let me logon [since 1st August], but I managed to unlock this badge via the mobile website at Apartment Number 9 in Chicago, IL.
  • DJROCCODJROCCO January 2013
    This Badge is now leveling.
  • JR1JR1 February 2013
    Badge moved to upcoming
  • liquidxsolidliquidxsolid February 2013
    So this badge and the Eater 38 badge aren't leveling anymore?
  • choad17choad17 February 2013
    @liquidxsolid they WILL be leveling. They are inactive right now and will come back as a leveling badge
  • MySOdotComMySOdotCom February 2013
    reactivated but from what I can tell it will not be a leveling badge
  • TheBeairdTheBeaird February 2013
    I can't get it to level yet either
  • choad17choad17 February 2013
    I'm actually glad if they don't. Leveling a badge is a lot of work.
  • TheBeairdTheBeaird February 2013
    I like these kind of level ups....HATE team and resorts...gets boring
  • BrandonBrandon February 2013
    Now a leveling badge.
  • MySOdotComMySOdotCom February 2013
    Strange leveling

    blank account 2 checkins unlocked level 1 maybe a previous in there
    next checkin level 2, next checkin level 3 then nothing with 4 more after, unlock messages state you found three places weird
  • lol220lol220 February 2013
    A little different for the leveling pattern compared to other badges.
    Tested with new dummy accounts.

    Level 1 = Total 1 valid venue
    Level 2 = Total 2 valid venues
    Level 3 = Total 3 valid venues
    Level 4 = Total 8 valid venues
    Level 5 = Total 13 valid venues
    Level 6 = Total 18 valid venues
    Level 7 = Total 23 valid venues
    Level 8 = Total 28 valid venues
    Level 9 = Total 33 valid venues
    Level 10 = Total 36 valid venues
  • BrandonBrandon February 2013
    I'm unlocking every 3 as stated in the instructions.
  • lol220lol220 February 2013
    I tested on new accounts and dummy accounts with no previous check-in Racked 38 venues. None of them unlocks every 3 but +5 more valid checkins after Level 3 except for Level 9 to 10. Really strange =_=
  • MySOdotComMySOdotCom February 2013
    exactly what I saw and others experienced too, was very surprised last one went back to 3
  • BrandonBrandon February 2013
    Not all of the venues are working on this one... we are doing some testing in house, but are very interested in seeing what others are getting and where. It seems like any of the venues that were added by Beauty 38 don't work, but that's not 100% confirmed yet. The main thing is that there are some inconsistencies between the unlock message and what people are experiencing. Keep your info coming in and we'll do our thing as well to clear this one up.
  • BrandonBrandon February 2013
    I also just unlocked level 5 with 3 boutiques on Racked's list. Your results may vary.
  • lol220lol220 February 2013
    Hmm, I knew you would say something like "Not all of the venues are working on this one...".
    But I can tell that all the venues I used are valid for Racked 38 badge, that's why I stated 'valid' above in my replies. Yes every single venue (from Racked's lists) I used has been tested on different(situation) accounts and they're capable for 1st unlock and even for level up.

    However I'm very agree about "Your results may vary" because my main account which got Level 1 unlock back in 2011 and straight away get leveled up from Level 1 to 3 (so there's some previous check-ins) had a little different from Level 3 to 4 (just +3 valid venues only instead of +5), but after that still under the same leveling scheme as above (+5 valid venues per level until Level 9 then goes back to +3 for Level 9 to 10). This only happens to my main account but other dummy accounts (previously without Racked 38 badge) use the leveling scheme as I stated above.
    Maybe has something to do with the old Level 1 unlock(or previously got Racked 38 badge) or got Racked 38 venues checked-in previously before the implementation of leveling system on Racked 38 badge, just my thoughts.

    Btw it doesn't matter much about the amount of check-in(s) required as long as we can get to Level 10 since there's more than enough valid venues for us to do so. {^@^}
  • choad17choad17 February 2013
    I think the total venues to get to level 10 for Racked and Eater is 38. If you get the pun.
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