U.S. National Soccer Team Badge
  • ChaunceChaunce March 2011

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow US Soccer
    2. Check into the venue on game day where the U.S. National Team is playing
    3. Be sure and checkin to the event
    To Level Up:
    1. level 2-5: 2 checkins per level
    2. level 6-10: 5 checkins per level
    3. Only 1 checkin a day counts to level up



    Unlock instructions verified on: 02/08/2013

    2013 schedule: Date, Local Event Time, Event City, Venue
    2/13 -- 7pm (local time) Nashville, TN -- http://4sq.com/WYzFRW (U.S. Womens)
    3/8 -- 11am (EST) Albufeira, Portugal -- http://4sq.com/XraXdR (U.S. Womens)
    3/11 -- 11am (EST) Lagos, Portugal -- http://4sq.com/XMZrWO (U.S. Womens)
    3/22 -- 8pm (local time) Commerce City, Colo. -- http://4sq.com/x1RVe9 (U.S. Mens)
    3/26 -- 10:30pm (local time) Mexico City, Mexico -- http://4sq.com/J9KI3A (U.S. Mens)
    4/5 -- TBD (local time) Offenbach, Germany -- http://4sq.com/wMefHz (U.S. Womens)
    4/9 -- 1pm (EST) The Hague, Netherlands -- http://4sq.com/10h9DwW (U.S. Womens)
    6/2 -- 4:30pm (EST) Toronto, Canada -- http://4sq.com/xHonnv (U.S. Womens)
    6/7 -- TBD (local time) Kingston, Jamaica -- http://4sq.com/14v5jGZ (U.S. Mens)
    6/11 -- TBD (local time) Home -- TBD (U.S. Mens)
    6/18 -- TBD (local time) Home -- TBD (U.S. Mens)

    Badge unlocks at current events venue on game day.

    For the team's game schedule Click Here

    Unlock Message:
    "“Oh When the Yanks Go Marching In!" Thanks for supporting the U.S. Men’s National Team. Now let's hear you scream, cheer and chant until you’re red, white and blue in the face!"

    ***Badge renamed. Was origionally called the "U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team Badge"***
  • SuzanSuzan March 2011
    Awesome, can't wait to get this one, I am going to a game later this week! **Suzan**
  • AnishhAnishh March 2011
    is there the condition that the place should have a swarm going to unlock the badge? was unable to last time since there were just 300ppl when i checked in
  • GordonWernerGordonWerner March 2011
    not that I am aware of ... but supposedly the badge will ONLY unlock during the game ... not before ... not after
  • AnishhAnishh March 2011
    i did but no luck. could u pls mention d timing o d next game. sorry m nt researching it myself. just dat m stuck wit a lousy phone nd no laptop allowed at d place i am in unfortunately. thanks and cheers
  • CraigBowmanCraigBowman March 2011
    Don't forget about tonights game March 29, 2011 U.S. Men vs. Paraguay 7 p.m. CT!!
  • mbd0001mbd0001 March 2011
    badge opened at 3pm today...check in to LP field in Nashville, Tn.
    Good luck badge hunters!!
  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011
    Updated the schedule above.
  • godgila81godgila81 May 2011
    any confirmation that the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team Badge is active for unlock today in Columbus, Ohio?
    I find it weird that the badge will be available for unlock today, since the game today involves the WOMEN's team, and not the Men's.. O.o
    If anyone got the badge there today, pls share. Thanks.
  • JR1JR1 May 2011
    Yea i havent seen any unlocks of this badge today ...
  • godgila81godgila81 May 2011
    And anyways i've tried checking in to the Columbus Crew Stadium already.. No badge at all, guess its not available for unlock..
  • pudgym29pudgym29 May 2011
    Uh oh. 14 & 18 May, and 4 June, are games of the U. S. Women's National Team; not the Men's.
    The dates in June correspond to the USMNT's games in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. It should unlock then.
  • ChaunceChaunce May 2011
    You are correct sir. It appears they updated the info on the schedule. I have updated the above dates. Looks like the next home Men's game is June 4th.
  • iamciamc June 2011
    June 4th, 4:30pm eastern....next up! Gillette Stadium Foxborough, Mass.


  • Snyder_79Snyder_79 June 2011
    May I know wats the time for Singapore?
  • iamciamc June 2011
    should be 4:30 AM on the 5th for Singapore :)
    12 hr time difference

    edited to correct typo!
  • AlexJuniorAlexJunior June 2011
    It should be on the 5th right for Singaporeans? 0430 am
  • iamciamc June 2011
    ty! just edited the typo, glad you caught it!
  • RainWave23RainWave23 June 2011
    Here's the pocketcrowd link if you want to schedule it so you don't forget.

  • Snyder_79Snyder_79 June 2011
    Ok thanx for the info
  • Snyder_79Snyder_79 June 2011
    Foxborough MA time is it same with new York?
  • JR1JR1 June 2011
    Yup mass is in the same time zone as ny
  • AlexJuniorAlexJunior June 2011
    This badge will be active again tomorrow as stated on schedule. Anyone who haven't unlock this badge,please be alert.
  • RainWave23RainWave23 June 2011
    it's already scheduled on pocketcrowd my friend :-)
  • AlexJuniorAlexJunior June 2011
    Great :) just reminding those who haven't
  • the same for me other wise I could forget ;)
  • iamciamc June 2011
    I've got an alarm/reminder set, LOL. (Not a fan of pocketcrowd)
  • Adeen June 2011
    Hehe..it'll be 4am for me to check in frm my place but what the hell,right?
  • jay339jay339 June 2011
    Thanks for the 411 on this!
  • pudgym29pudgym29 June 2011
    I add that this is a candidate for a potential Epic Swarm; much more at least than for game one (or two, or three) of the National Basketball Association finals between Miami & Dallas.
  • JR1JR1 June 2011
    It might have been but now with the new 4sqr rules on how apps have to work it's going to be hard to get that many ppl to be able to checkin to a venue and actually be counted as being there.
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