Groupie Badge
  • JR1JR1 August 2011

    How to Unlock:
    1. Goto Bizcard Page
    2. Select these cards: JetSetter, Super Mayor, Pizzaiolo, Local, Player Please!, and Newbie.

    Unlock instructions verified on: 08/01/2011

    Unlock Message:
    "The Backstreet Boys of tech! The Menudo of the interne.... OMG! @NAVEEN JUST TOUCHED MY SHIRT!"
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2011
    Sweet!! Thanks JR1!!
  • budweiser9818 August 2011
    Got it awesome
  • choad17choad17 August 2011
    Normally, how would you unlock this? How would you know what cards to select?
  • JR1JR1 August 2011
    @choad17 You would have had to have collected the business cards from the guys at 4sqr at SXSW ( it was either 09' or 10'). Each business card had one of the badges on the back and once you had all 6 then you were able to unlock the badge.
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2011
    I wonder why it became active again... Not that I am complaining... :-)
  • choad17choad17 August 2011
    Yes interesting as to why it is active again. Gives me hope for the Ski Bum Badge.
  • HarjifangkiHarjifangki August 2011
    Nice! Thanks for the help JR1!
  • DanDan August 2011
    Sweet Thanks JR! I'm wondering if anyone else feels that foursquare badge hunting and this forum is as addictive as I feel it:D
  • notexactlybluenotexactlyblue September 2011
    the fact that the forum exists would suggest that they do.
  • Daniels_dcDaniels_dc August 2011
    Nice!! thanks @JR1 :)
  • i did all the above but no badge
  • Oh nevermind got it thanks
  • EvilFisterEvilFister September 2011
    Just tried to use the link and it didn't work.
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd September 2011
    Yep. The link now goes to an "About Team Foursquare" page.
  • JR1JR1 September 2011
    They have disabled the Bizcard Page so this badge has been retired again.
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd September 2011
    Well I am glad I got it!!
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