University of Florida Explorer Badge
  • JR1JR1 October 2011
    University of Florida Explorer

    How to Unlock:
    1. Follow the University of Florida
    2. Checkin to 5 recomended veunes

    Badge specific to Gainesville, FL

    Unlock instructions verified on: 03/14/2012


    Confirmed Venues:
  • JR1JR1 October 2011
    Unlock message:

    "The Gator Nation is everywhere - and you've explored plenty of it on campus. Great job"
  • JR1JR1 October 2011
    Badge showing up grayed out today in trophy case. Should be active soon.
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    Badge now active 11/3/11 10:48
  • aBBeaBBe November 2011
    just try 42 venue list recomended, but not unlocked. How is it? Any idea.
  • RainWave23RainWave23 November 2011
    Do you have another college badge? If so, you can't get this one. As it clearly says in the unlock instructions, users are only allowed one college badge (not including Syracuse, Stanford, or Harvard).
  • fl0wmastrfl0wmastr December 2011
    I can't get this badge and have checked into 20+ venues on the UF traditions list (off grid over the course of 2-3days). any suggestions?
  • CeeDotA December 2011
    Based on the replies to the other college badges, they seem to be taking 35+ checkins to unlock.
  • aBBeaBBe December 2011
    @fl0wmastr #YES me to, i just try 42 venue in 3 days over. but not Unlocked, so sad :((
  • It took me check ins over a 4 day period.
  • JR1JR1 December 2011
    Keep in mind that all they venues that they have listed might not count towards the badge. No one has come up with a definitive venue list yet. The venue lists are from the college and there is no guarantee that all the venues that they listed will count towards their badge. This goes for all the college badges.
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah December 2011
    this badge is really strange...with my test acc (no other univ badge own) 6 days already 5 c/i per day still no unlock also pop up another core badge like Animal House, Smells Like School Spirit, Campus Explorer but nothing on University of Florida Explorer badge; sigh.....@Gary what univ badge did u unlock in over 4 day period? Had anyone in this forum can unlock this badge? please share it here
  • @jimmyongah I got the Jayhawk badge. For one, I spent spent almost a week in Lawrence, and two, I just like the badge. However, if Oklahoma gets one, I will delete the Kansas.
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah December 2011
    @Gary ok, i will try c/i with some more venues left at their page for a few more days until this badge unlock
  • I have noticed that not every venue on the list will count. Some even say that only the best venues will unlock the badge.
  • JR1JR1 December 2011
    @jimmyongah Another thing to keep in mind is right now alot of colleges are on winter break. Much like some of the other badges I would not be suprised if 4sqr deactivated the college badges until winter break is over. Also what Gary said is correct as I have posted that in several of the other college badge discussions. Not all the venues listed on their lists count towards the badge. As of yet no one has come up with a definitive list (that I have seen) of all the venues that do count. Alyy you can do is keep checking in and at somepoint you will unlolck the badge. Sorry we have not gotten all these college badge unlock instructions nailed down 100% yet. But I keep working on them badge by badge in my spare time. Hopefully I can get to them all sooner then later.
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah January 2012
    give up for this badge for a moment...had c/i all at their page tips until nothing left; then repeat c/i again and again till 9 times at 7 venue in different days on monday - friday....nothing :(
  • Did you do your check-ins during mormal student hours?
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah January 2012
    @Gary i usually c/i between 12 till 3 pm at florida time
  • That may be too short of a time period to check in to that many venues. Remember, many of these are set up for students and their activity.
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah January 2012
    ok, i'll try c/i at each venue with 1 or 2 hour interval....
  • Remember, some venues will unlock it during the day and some at night.
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah February 2012
    i can't do this anymore, this badge is nonsense; already try too many ways, night and days, from monday to friday, 1-2 or 1-3 hour interval, do real c/i, all venue already visited, from 10 to just 3 venues a day, been try all this since december 17 until today.... :((
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah February 2012
    just done some the brand pages there is no badge icon at all , none can be seen for university of florida grey slot in the trophy case so i think this badge somehow was deactivated for some reason
  • TymoraTymora March 2012
    @jimmyongah give the new instructions a try
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah March 2012
    unlock this badge with the instruction above.....
  • fl0wmastrfl0wmastr December 2012
    too bad i already got the USF University of South Florida badge :(
  • fl0wmastrfl0wmastr December 2012
    could a super admin put in a request to foursquare to have the university badges only limited to a max of 3 university badges for transfer students or those w multiple degrees at different universities ?
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