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  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011
    If you signed in to the forum using Twitter or Facebook credentials you will need to update your profile email. In fact, don't even "Favorite" and discussions until you have done this.

    1. After signed in to the forum, go to the top navigation and click on your username. This will bring you to your profile.

    2. In the left sidebar click the link "Edit My Account".

    3. Change your email address.

    4. Under My Preferences, select which options you want notifications on.

    Doing this will to receive emails on any discussion that you have favorited (clicking the star).
  • OllieDOllieD April 2011
    Awesome thanks
  • CraigBowmanCraigBowman April 2011
    Thx, Chaunce
  • AnishhAnishh April 2011
    d integration of email notifications is just great. thanks chaunce.
    is it active already? coz not gotten any notifications so far:(
  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011
    You should receive emails on the discussions that you have left comments on or that you have favorited (click the star at the top of the discussion).

    If you aren't receiving emails after that, check your email in your profile.
  • tantouwtantouw July 2011
    i didn't get the notification email.. can you help me please? i already changed my email twice and it's still not working...
  • ChaunceChaunce July 2011
    Read the above comment. Have you "favorited" a discussion or left a comment?
  • AnishhAnishh July 2011
    chaunce am having similar problems... have favorited a few and also commented on a few... checked preferences too but till date not a single email... thought i was the anomaly so kept quiet all these days... help appreciated... thanks again... cheers
  • AnamokdeciAnamokdeci July 2011
    Interesting. I also don't get the email updates. I only get notifications by email when I receive an inbox message. And I did favorite the discussions that I'm interested in.
  • me to i don't get email notifications either just inbox messages
  • ChaunceChaunce August 2011
    Have you clicked on the star at the top of a discussion? This will favorite a discussion and should send an email to you when someone leaves a comment.
  • Oh ok maybe that's why, thanks
  • AnishhAnishh August 2011
    yep... selected all the topics- with star and commented in etc. and still no luck:(
  • ChaunceChaunce August 2011
    Have you double checked your email address under your profile?
  • AnamokdeciAnamokdeci August 2011
    I had already favorited the discussions that interest me and from the begining I only get email notifications when I get an inbox message. The notifications are not working for favorited discussions, Chaunce.
  • ChaunceChaunce August 2011
    Did you guys check your profile settings under "My Preferences"? Make sure all of the checkboxes are checked. Let me know where you stand after that
  • AnamokdeciAnamokdeci August 2011
    Chaunce, mine were all checked. but I rechecked them all again now. I'm pretty sure I have checked and favorited everything there is to check and favorite ;). It's frustrating! John is always trying to tell me about new badges and I only get the notification because he leaves me an inbox message.
  • ChaunceChaunce August 2011
    I can understand the frustrations that you are experiencing, I do know that people are getting notifications though, as am I.
  • AnamokdeciAnamokdeci August 2011
    Well, maybe the site doesn't like me!!!! ;) lol. thanx anyway, Chaunce.
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2011
    I don't get notifications either. But it really doesn't matter because I come to the site several times a day anyways.
  • AnamokdeciAnamokdeci August 2011
    That's my problem! I don't! The notifications are crucial to me! :(
  • ChaunceChaunce August 2011
    I am looking into why we are experiencing notification issues. I think I may know what it is. I appreciate everyone's patience in this. I have a full time job and a 8 month pregnant wife that I spend most of my time focusing on. I spend as much time on MoG stuff as I can and really value everyone's support.
  • AnamokdeciAnamokdeci August 2011
    congrats on your baby! that's nice to know. wish you all the best!
  • ChaunceChaunce August 2011
    Thank you
  • QP_PresentQP_Present August 2011
    I just got notification from my BlackBerry, Everyone please be patience, Im pretty sure everyone going to get all notifications soon :)
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] September 2011
    for the last couple of days i haven't been able to get notitications on my phone, i've checked in my setting on here and everything is still the same.
  • ChaunceChaunce September 2011
    I believe what is happening is that because there are so many members in this forum and so many discussions that I am maxing out on emails that are being sent out at a time.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] September 2011
    Oh ok
  • neiceek September 2011
    @chaunce how do you delete an account from this site, cause i have another acct here that i want to use instead of this other one
  • ChaunceChaunce September 2011
    You aren't able to. Only admins like myself can delete accounts
  • neiceek September 2011
    oh ok well can u delete the rocky1960? thanks!
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