Mall Rat Badge
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    Mall Rat

    How to Unlock
    1. Checkin 5 times to the same "Mall" or "Department Store" venue or to 3 unique "Mall" or "Department Store" venues.
    2. To level up checkin to 5 more unique "Mall" or "Department Store" venues (levels 2-10)
    3. If checking into the same venue only 1 checkin a day will count for this badge (only for level 1 of the badge)
    4. Previous checkins count

    Badge unlocks worldwide

    Unlock instructions verified on: 11/01/2011
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    Space for future badge updates:
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    Unlock message:

    "Sharper Image. Gap. That guy selling bedazzled iPhone cases from a kiosk. It’s always nice to see some familiar faces. Now, weave your way through that pack of toddlers on leashes, grab an Orange Julius, and enjoy the fountain’s soothing gurgles."
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    Badge now active 11/22/2011 16:30
  • AwesomeRoshAwesomeRosh November 2011
    Will past check-ins count for this badge?
  • Roger_WilcoRoger_Wilco November 2011
    Yes, previous c/i count for this badge, unlocked it with one check-in
  • AwesomeRoshAwesomeRosh November 2011
    awesome. Thanks!
  • mr_dracomr_draco November 2011
    unlocked with 1 checkin :) Previous checkins DO count
  • vecvec November 2011
    Unlocked up to level 4 with one check in, lol
  • dkiddkid November 2011
    Same things happened as @vec Unlocking it at level 4 :)
  • PiggyBuffPiggyBuff November 2011
    i got this badge x10 once i checked in at Gaga workshop. Thanks to @JR1
  • This badge also can unlock or level up at venue category of Food Court
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