Jersey Shore GTL Badge
  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow MTV
    2. Check into a gym, tanning salon, and a laundromat

    Can also check in to a beach for tanning requirement.

    Unlock instructions verified on: 07/01/2011

    Unlock Message:
    "Fresh to death! You've checked in for the GTL. Don't miss the new season of the Jersey Shore - Thursdays at 10P/9C on MTV. Now pump that fist and dodge those grenades!"
  • socialDinosocialDino April 2011
    This doesn't have to be within a day. The requirement is within a 7 day period.
  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011
    Where did you get the 7 day info? Over this last weekend, I went to a gym, dry cleaners, and beach over two days and didn't unlock it.

  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011
    This badge has been retired
  • kvasirkvasir May 2011
    Dang... this is retired? It's still advertised on the MTV 4SQ page. I'm working so hard for this too, added couple of (legit) venues just for this.
  • ChaunceChaunce May 2011
    Yeah, I found out the hard way too. I had finally gone through the effort of actually trying to unlock it to find out it was retired.
  • choad17choad17 July 2011
    Season Premiere August 4th. Maybe the badge will come back.
  • parrish72parrish72 July 2011
    Hope so....!
  • choad17choad17 July 2011
    Anybody try this? Is it back?
  • RainWave23RainWave23 July 2011
    Since the season premier isn't until August 4th, no it is not back. There are no unlocks on twitter.

    As was mentioned above, this becoming active again is purely speculation.
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