Whistler Blackcomb Badge
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    Whistler Blackcomb 2012

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow Whistler Blackcomb
    2. Checkin at Whistler Blackcomb Mountains
    3. Checkin at any of the resort’s official venues from their Venue Lists

    To Level up:
    1. Checkin at 5 more times for level 2
    2. Checkin at 10 more times for level 3-10

    Badge specific to Whistler, BC

    Unlock instructions verified on: 01/06/2012

    Whistler Blackcomb Mountains

    *** Badge Renamed. Originally called "Whistler Blackcomb 2012 Badge" ***
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    New Unlock message:
    "Congratulations! You’re now officially a Whistler Blackcomb Shred Head."

    Old Unlock message:
    "You’ve traveled from PEAK 2 PEAK. You’ve had one heck of a Spanky’s. You’ve checked in and checked out on Cloud 9. Now, get back out there and hit the powder, you shred head!"
  • JR1JR1 November 2011
    Whistler Blackcomb announced on twitter that they will be releasing a new badge for the 2012 ski season. Their badge from last season is still active so more then likely they will retire that one in the next few days then release this one.
  • farisyi1farisyi1 November 2011
    great! Another mountain badge :D
  • mr_dracomr_draco November 2011
    can't wait for this one :)
  • azizinasirazizinasir November 2011
    yeahh....cant wait
  • BangGowesBangGowes November 2011
    Their 2011 badge still active...:)
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah December 2011
    WhistlerBlackcomb Mountain Shouted "Peak Chair is now open! Why don't you check in to earn our WB badge?" just check in there via mobile.....no badge pop up :(
  • JR1JR1 December 2011
    @jimmyongah This badge is not active yet. The badge from last year is still active. If you already have that one you will not unlock it a 2nd time. They announced on twitter back on Nov 24th that they would be getting a new badge for this year. They however did not say when that would happen. Just have to wait and see how it all works out.
  • jmancil1972 December 2011
    Any word on this one yet?
  • JR1JR1 December 2011
    Nope nothing yet. Their badge from last season is still active. Not sure what they are doing with it. Hopefully they dont change their minds and just keep last years badge. Just have to keep wating and see.
  • BrandonBrandon December 2011
    Last year's badge came out around mid-January, so I'm betting that's when we will see its replacement.
  • BangGowesBangGowes January 2012
    The possible Whistler Blackcomb Shred Head badge pic: http://twitpic.com/82w3kw
  • JR1JR1 January 2012
    Here is a preview of what the badge will look like:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    They now have it posted on their 4sqr page sayin to check in to unlock it. So it should be going active very soon.
  • neiceek January 2012
    @Jr1 so if u have this badge already will it change to the new one like the monkey bars did?
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd January 2012
    @neiceek This should be a completely new badge for 2012.
  • neiceek January 2012
    Oh ok thanks
  • The Monkey Bars badge did not change, just the name of the badge.
  • neiceek January 2012
    @ Gary that's what I meant
  • ChaunceChaunce January 2012
    Badge is active now
  • It's not active. The 2011 badge was renamed/
  • bf1811bf1811 January 2012
    Thanks! I see! & we can't have the same badge twice with the same account, right?
  • bf1811bf1811 January 2012
    I'm following Whistler Blackcomb & have checked into both Whistler Blackcomb Mountains & Dusty's Bar and BBQ but no badge. Any other conditions or time constraints that you know of?
  • choad17choad17 January 2012
    Can you get this of you have their other badge?
  • LikesTravelLikesTravel January 2012
    No badgeeeeeeeeee !!!
  • It's not active. Foursquare renamed the old badge and that caused the hit. It's my mistake and I appoligize to all of you. I really am sorry for the false start.
  • ChaunceChaunce January 2012
    Sorry folks, we had a bogus unlock posted to Twitter. I was multitasking too much to catch it. It is not active
  • n758zcn758zc January 2012
    I just unlocked the Whistler Blackcomb 2012 badge. It's a beauty!

    Not sure if the URL will work since I'm posting from my phone.
  • This is now live.
  • choad17choad17 January 2012
    Can you get this if you have the other badge?
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