9 to 5 Badge
  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011

    How to unlock:
    1. Check in 15 times in 30 days to a venue with the main category of “Office” or "Coworking Space"
    2. Must be the same venue
    3. Must be between the hours of 9am and 5pm
    4. Only 1 checkin a day will count

    Unlock instructions verified on: 01/18/2013


    Any venue with the main category of "Office" will count for this badge

    Unlock Message:
    "Looks like someone's filed 15 TPS reports in 30 days. Ummm... Yeeaahh... we're gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into Storage B."
  • BenBen April 2011
    Is there somewhere I can check this easily instead of manually going through my checkins and counting? I thought I remember seeing some sort of developer thing where I could figure this out.
  • ChaunceChaunce April 2011
    The best thing I found was actually checking in to the venue categorized as Corporate Office that you normall check in to and it will show you how many checkins you have there in the past 60 days. That will give you an idea.

    As for a third party app that does this, I am not familiar with one.
  • JR1JR1 April 2011
    if you look under your history on the foursquare webpage and goto whatever venue it will tell you your total checkins.. in the box at the top right of the venue page.. the number under your check-ins is the total times you have ever checked into that venue. the only time it shows you checkins for the past 60days on the foursquare page is if you are the mayor of that venue, then in the box where it says you are mayor it will show you how many checkins you have that count towards your mayorship (past 60 days).. best way i have found to tell how many lifetime checkins you have at any perticular venue
  • abah_gahulabah_gahul June 2011
    i've got the badge today with 15x c/i at AOL, Inc NY
  • ChaunceChaunce June 2011
    Can you add MoG as a Foursquare friend so we can see your location info?
  • abah_gahulabah_gahul June 2011
    okey, done!
  • ChaunceChaunce June 2011
  • iamciamc June 2011
    Is it M-F only? I still haven't got this one to pop.
  • AlexJuniorAlexJunior June 2011
    I've tried it using a testing account,it does not have to be in the hours of 9am to 5pm,just need to be 15 time in 30 days. 15 times means 15 days.
  • abah_gahulabah_gahul June 2011
    right, 15days. but i'm in 9am-5pm.
  • ChaunceChaunce June 2011
    They may have changed the times then. When it was first released it was determined that it was a 9-5 time frame
  • TymoraTymora June 2011
    I made sure my checkins were between 9 and 5 (I got this one legitly) so I don't know about that but you can get it with weekend checkins but only one checkin per day.
  • ChaunceChaunce June 2011
    You can definitely earn this with weekend checkins
  • mang0es July 2011
    I've been checking to a venue that has office listed, Mon to Fri, for more than a month now and have not gotten this badge yet... Any reason why this isn't working? Does the venue need "office" as the main category?
  • JR1JR1 July 2011
    Yes "Office" has to be the main category
  • mang0es July 2011
    Since I'm a superuser, after I change the main category and change it back after I get the badge, will anything happen to the badge?
  • JR1JR1 July 2011
    @mang0es If you change the category , checkin and get the badge, then change the category back you will keep the badge. The only way to loose a badge is to delete checkins. Also being a super user if you ever have some free time and can ever help out with venue issues we have a discussion for them here: http://mattersofgrey.com/forum/discussion/43/need-a-venue-fixed-or-editeds any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • lilis_emmylilis_emmy January 2012
    how many time we have to check in, its enough once or twice a day, in the morning and the evening? thanks
  • 4sqjunkie4sqjunkie January 2012
    @lilis_emmy, only 1 c/i per 24 hour period between 9 and 5 pm is counted
  • lilis_emmylilis_emmy January 2012
    @4sqjunkie, thanks...
  • @4sqjunkie, what if you miss 1 day....thus it still count..
  • BangGowesBangGowes January 2012
    @ryan26razornail50 Yape it still count...confirmed...:)
  • 4sqjunkie4sqjunkie January 2012
    @Ryan26razornail50 ... skipping days should be okay as long as you checkin 15 times within 30 days, then you should get the badge.
  • Chico_BlueChico_Blue January 2012
    9 - 5 Local time right ??
  • BangGowesBangGowes January 2012
    Yape, local time...:)
  • @SyarifSArman...@4sqjunkie....thanks for the reply,i already have the badge months ago..lost my track and my friend started to ci 2 days ago need to confirm,thanks guys cheers.
  • BrenBren January 2012
    Finally got it !!! always thought I had it until checking the new MOG page @Gary created... awesome!!!
    by the way skipping days doesn't matter as long as its 15 days out of 30
  • MartininBrussels February 2012
    Argh... I just lost this badge cleaning out my history (always a bad idea.) Are we sure it has to be between 9 and 5? Thanks, Martin
  • TymoraTymora February 2012
  • BrenBren February 2012
    @martininbrussels absolutely has to be between 9-5
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