Orange Power Badge
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    How to unlock:
    1. Follow the Oklahoma State University
    2. Checkin to 5 recomended veunes

    Badge specific to Stillwater, OK

    Unlock instructions verified on: 03/27/2012


    Confirmed Venues:
  • Unlock Message:
    You've scored yourself the official Ok State Orange Power badge. Wear it proudly. Go Pokes!

    Venue Lists:
    All of Oklahoma State University’s Tips
  • ChaunceChaunce January 2012
    Nice job getting this up. Not sure if posting it in the Active category is correct though, no one has unlocked it yet. I would consider putting this in the Upcoming category until it's unlocked. That is unless your app shows that it is active somehow.
  • Quatis January 2012
    Damn chaunce youre so anal with what goes in what thread or category.
  • ChaunceChaunce January 2012
    I suppose you could call it that. I prefer to have things organized well as it cuts down on the confusion and additional banter that comes with it. Call it what you will, it helps everyone stay well-informed
  • BrandonBrandon January 2012
    "Like"... since we don't have a button for it. :)
  • sweet badge but we can only have one...damn!
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah January 2012
    c/i all 14 venue listed in OSU page in 2 different days (7 venue a day) then at third day repeat c/i 7 venue like the 1st day and in the fourth day; c/i at 4 venue in your second day ....badge pop up
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