Super Swarm Sunday Badge
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    How to unlock:
    1. Checkin at Super Swarm Sunday on 2-5-2012 (if you are in the US)
    2. Checkin anywhere on 2-5-2012 (anywhere outside the US)
    3. Checkin from A few hours before kickoff (18:30 EST) until midnight (00:00 EST)
    4. Shout 'Superbowl' when your check in (if not checking into Super Swarm Sunday)
    5. Shout "Patriots," "New England" , "Wings" or "Puppy Bowl" for three additional points each.

    Badge unlocks worldwide

    Unlock instructions verified on: 02/05/2012

    No shout is required to get this badge if you checkin at Super Swarm Sunday
  • Unlock Message:

    "Today isn’t about Gronk’s ankle, Eli topping Peyton, or Tom Brady’s dreamy dream-face. It’s about cars, beer, and talking babies giving questionable financial advice. Now get ready for some ruthless sacks, fingertip catches and... OMG! Puppy Bowl!"
  • JR1JR1 February 2012
    Added unlock instructions
  • auditorydemiseauditorydemise February 2012
    I'm still holding out hope that they will have the individual team badges like last year... Go Patriots!
  • joeyeoj87 February 2012
    i have a dumb question.. do i have to have a amex card and order the pizza to the the badge

    after reading this at..

  • No. You only need an AMEX card to get the special. Anyone can get the badge.
  • YummygrlYummygrl February 2012
    Good question @joeyeoj87!! I wondered the same thing.
  • BrenBren February 2012
    Can't wait for this one... Go Giants !!!
  • gary_galavantgary_galavant February 2012
    I hope there is a giants badge!! GMEN!!!!
  • Sin February 2012
    so the super swarm sunday place you can't see yet right?
  • @Sin It's not a place. It's everywhere and anywhere 50 or more are checked in.
  • aBBeaBBe February 2012
    i can't see anything..
  • JR1JR1 February 2012
    @Sin @aBBe The worldwide "Super Swarm Sunday" venue should not appear as stated in the unlock instructions until "A few hours before kickoff (18:30 EST)". So with Kickoff at 18:30 EST I would not expect to see it until at least 14:00 EST. However there has beeen no official time released yet as to when the venue will show up. As soon as the venue appears we will have it posted on here and move the badge to active.
  • CharChar February 2012
  • _faezah_faezah February 2012
    Thanks for your effort MOG team. cheers!!
  • This is a badge that you can sign up for a swarm alert, and you will get an email the moment the badge is unlocked. Go to and click on Swarm Alert.
  • CharChar February 2012
    So the game starts at 6:00 we should see it around 4:00 5:00??
  • JR1JR1 February 2012
    Hopefully no later then 4pm.. But only tine will tell
  • vanzvanz February 2012
    Stil waiting here. In malaysia what time can unlock it?
  • CommonDisasterCommonDisaster February 2012
    I just got the badge by doing a check in with #superbowl and the badge unlocked.
  • HellaJDM February 2012
    yup hes right just check into lucas oil stadium and shout #superbowl
  • Check in ANYWHERE and shout superbowl
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah February 2012
    wohoo....gary, thanks i don't have to go even a mile away from my home haha
  • Not even a foot, Jimmy. Spread the word. This is the easest swarm badge ever.
  • JR1JR1 February 2012
    Posted the unlock message, and updated unlock instructions

    Still have not seen the "Super Swarm Sunday" venue open up.. But it's not needed for teh badge anyway so oh well... If it does open up I wil post the link to it incase anyone who lives in the US and has an AMEX wants the pizza deal.
  • flepommeflepomme February 2012
    +3 point if you shout "Go patriots": Go New England +3
  • Thanks for the info @flepomme and you don't need shout go.
  • BrenBren February 2012
    sweet 23 points for the checkin
    +3 for being @Lucas Oil
    +3 for shouting "Go Giants"
  • gary_galavantgary_galavant February 2012
    can also shout go giants or go new york for extra points
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