Vancouver Canucks Badge
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow Vancouver Canucks
    2. Checkin at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada during a game.
    3. Checkin at any NHL venue where the Canucks are currently playing.
    4. Checkin to the event.
    To Level Up:
    1. Checkin 3 more times for level 2
    2. Checkin 5 more times for levels 3-10
    3. Only 1 checkin per game counts

    Unlock instructions verified 01/18/2013


    Here is the NHL Sechdule so you can find when and where the next game will be
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012
    Unlock message:

    You look mighty fine in that blue and green. Now show us that Towel Power and let's hear you scream! Go Canucks Go!
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012
    Space for future updates
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012
    Badge currently showing greyed out in trophy case.
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012
    Unlock hint from mobile site:

    Throw on your best blue and green and come out to a Canucks game.
  • It just went active. Dang, I love my minnons.
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd April 2012
    Badge now active. Updated unlock instructions, added badge image, and unlock message
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012
    Figured that would happen 30 minutes prior to the game.
  • MorrMorr April 2012
    I think if you can get this badge tonight/now you should. The playoff is best of 7. Vancouver lost the first game. If you don't get the badge tonight, then you will need Vancouver to win one of the next 3 games to force a game 5. I am not a sports fan but I think that is how it works.

    schedule (times are eastern)
    Games I think are at their stadium
    Fri, Apr 13 vs Los Angels 10:00 PM
    Sun, Apr 22 vs Los Angeles TBA
    Thu, Apr 26 vs Los Angeles TBA

    Games I think that are in LA
    Sun, Apr 15 @ Los Angeles 10:30 PM
    Wed, Apr 18 @ Los Angeles 10:00 PM
    Tue, Apr 24 @ Los Angeles TBA

  • BadgerBadger April 2012
    Got it - thanks, Morr.
  • nuevicnuevic April 2012
    Will there be any other NHL badges during the playoff or just this one?
  • BrandonBrandon April 2012
    Just this one so far, but with foursquare going badge crazy lately... who knows? But we'll keep everyone posted as we find out.
  • HarjifangkiHarjifangki April 2012
    Dang it! I have to choose between Vodafone badge or this one.
  • azzairazzair April 2012
    Haha same to me, I chose Vodafone badge
  • adamb00adamb00 April 2012
    If we didn't get this when is the best chance to get it next? anyone??
  • reenavipulreenavipul April 2012
    The way the Canucks are playing, next fall.
  • MorrMorr April 2012
    @adamb00 you will need Vancouver to win one of the next two games to force a game 5. Opens up a Sun 4/22. If they win two games over the next three then Thu 4/26 will open up.

    You could also try checking in when they play LA in LA. I am not sure if the badge will pop.
    Sun, Apr 15 @ Los Angeles 10:30 PM
    Wed, Apr 18 @ Los Angeles 10:00 PM

    The LA Kings Play at Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

    I think this is the check for the Staples Center:
  • MorrMorr April 2012
    I had to make the same choice, I took this one. Hopefully Vodafone is still active monday.
  • adamb00adamb00 April 2012
    @Morr, thankyou!! I will try and check in to LA tomorrow :) fingers crossed
  • SirRickSirRick April 2012
    Just unlocked at the Staples Center in LA
  • SirRickSirRick April 2012
  • MorrMorr April 2012
    @adamb00 Good luck

  • adamb00adamb00 April 2012
    How did you get it?! :( I tried to check-in there, there are two events on, and when i select the vancouver event and check-in, it keeps saying i checked into the other event! :'(
    Yes me too, are two events on, and when i select the vancouver event and check-in, it keeps saying i checked into the other event ?????
  • JerkrattJerkratt April 2012
    Try checking into the other event see if its reversed for some reason
  • adamb00adamb00 April 2012
    I tried this it didn't work, either event you select it always picks the same one and not the Vancouver one! It's so frustrating! I will try again a bit later, the game doesn't start until 7.30 LA time so maybe thats why it's not working just yet
  • bockjebockje April 2012
    there is 1 unlock on twitter it was by a guy called ben ford, he seems to have checked in with sirrick @ the nuggets - lakers game.
  • TymoraTymora April 2012
    @adamb00 I couldn't find any way around it either. I would just wait for the Laker event to end. Good luck to you
  • adamb00adamb00 April 2012
    I'm worried they won't take the first event off, and that they will both go off at the same time :'(
  • TymoraTymora April 2012
    @adam00 hopefully not. I'd hate to see a badge opportunity spoiled by a glitch. I'll cross my fingers for you :)
  • LikesTravelLikesTravel April 2012
    I will try it one hour later
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