Back to School Badge
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2012
    How to unlock
    1.Check in to any College or University

    Unlock instructions verified on: 08/27/2012

    Badge unlocks worldwide

  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2012
    Unlock Message:
    Stacks on stacks on stacks! Time to get your learning on. But before you lock yourself up in ye olde library, use foursquare to explore your campus. Find a sneaky study spot, or the best cup of coffee (fuel!) – then leave a tip to pay it forward. Boom!

  • BeerknurdBeerknurd August 2012
    Space for future updates.
  • BadgerBadger August 2012
    I unexpectedly got this badge (before reading MoG today) at my daughter's middle school this morning LOL!
  • i checked out this website last night, and was surprised when i got this this morning and had read nothing about it...ha ha...guess its cause its brand new...
  • bulkuktobulkukto August 2012
    Loc: Worldwide
    example venues (Tampa, FL) (New York)

    I wish back to the school... I really miss those days.
  • Steakpak August 2012
    Unlocked at a "college residence hall". Thanks for posting.
  • satori_hanzosatori_hanzo August 2012
    It's weird, but High School don't work for me
  • LeneLene August 2012
    This one was easy. :-) Unlocked it in Belgium.

    @Satori_hanzo: supposedly it only works for college-related checkins.

    The reason why some people unlocked it in a middle school, high school or even kindergarten is because those venues might still be in college-related categories (as there were no categories available for those kind of schools when Foursquare started).
  • BadgerBadger August 2012
    @Lene - I believe you are correct. : )
  • denztyodenztyo October 2012
    This badge already retired! it won't be unlockable again until next Back To School time via @JumperKaskus
  • TymoraTymora October 2012
    It didn't unlock with a test either. I'm going to move it to retired. Thanks @denztyo
  • travistravis August 2013
    Anyone know when this one will be re-activated? Some schools are already back in session...
  • travistravis September 2013
    I just got all excited that I saw someone had a tweet about this badge, but turns out it was a PR bot... booo!

    Not a true unlock...
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