Love My Local Badge
  • JR1JR1 October 2012

    How to unlock:
    1. Checkin 3 times to SAME venue with the main category of "Pub"
    2. Only 1 checkin a day counts
    3. Previous checkins count

    Unlock instructions verified on: 01/18/2013

    Badge specific to the UK

  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Unlock Message:

    That’s 3 check-ins at the same pub in the UK! Nothing tops an evening with friends at your local boozer – except, perhaps, your friends buying all the rounds. One more before last orders?
  • JR1JR1 October 2012
    Space for future updates
  • KennyNationZKennyNationZ October 2012
    We like pubs too in the states lol
  • StormwatchStormwatch October 2012
    Just checked in my local on the mobile web and although I did not get any points as I was in manchester getting the MCFC badge, I got the message 22 seconds ago via foursquare Mobile Web
    You extended your reign as mayor with this check-in. I always thought mobile checkins did not count for Mayorships??
  • ZinhodonZinhodon October 2012
    WE also enjoy beer here in Ghana.
  • LilyLulu_LilyLulu_ October 2012
    @stormwatch it doesnt count coz there's no point ... just delete the check in and wait after few hours then u can try check in again
  • choad17choad17 October 2012
    Mobile checkins work?
  • RainWave23RainWave23 October 2012
    I can confirm mobile check-ins work as I just got the badge using all mobile check-ins.
  • abbeemalik13abbeemalik13 October 2012
    i just tried it and did not get a badge, is there another solution?
  • RainWave23RainWave23 October 2012
    As the unlock instructions say, it has to be three check-ins to the same venue categorized as "pub" and only one check-in per day counts.
  • BangGowesBangGowes October 2012
    @abbeey13 And as the unlock instructions say, this badge specific to the UK. Try one of the venues above, and make sure you got points for every check-in. Good luck, this is an easy badge...:-)
  • auditorydemiseauditorydemise October 2012
    Can't wait to get this badge... Beer is good
  • Andy MoralesAndy Morales October 2012
    i agree. beer is good. i want this one in the usa too!
  • abbeemalik13abbeemalik13 October 2012
    @BangGowes hey unlocked, thanks :p
  • abbeemalik13abbeemalik13 October 2012
    thanks everyone :D love y'all..
  • starbugstarbug October 2012
    Ok...i checked in 3 times over three days with mobile check in and no badge...ill try other pubs I've checked in to last three days also...
  • AFuentesJrAFuentesJr October 2012
    I didn't get it either...points but no badge.
  • KeepflyKeepfly October 2012
    I can't unlock first venue on list in manchester. I will try another venue. #nevergiveup :)
  • starbugstarbug October 2012
    Im going to try to unlock at a different pub...the ten bells...checked in last year and again just an hour ago and have points for both check ins
  • BadgerBadger October 2012
    Got it with 3 check-ins over 3 days at London's The Harp.
  • KeepflyKeepfly October 2012
    Unlock in four days :)
  • torque6309torque6309 October 2012
    @Keeply : 4 days in which venues? London or Manchester?
  • TymoraTymora October 2012
    Got it with the 3rd checkin at the first london venue.
  • AFuentesJrAFuentesJr October 2012
    Just got it on the 4th checkin @ The Southhampton Arms, London.
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah October 2012
    c/i at Any venue under category of Pub on 3 different days in UK, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland could unlock this badge

    Credit to @smlbdksm
  • KeepflyKeepfly October 2012
    @torque6309 Manchester. First venue on the list. :)
  • yaszayasza October 2012
    3 days in row or can be separate days? Already check-in 3 days on different days but no badge
  • DJROCCODJROCCO October 2012
    @yasza, I believe it's 3 days in a row at the same "Pub" as the main category. Good luck!
  • MyOwnAvalonMyOwnAvalon December 2012
    This badge is active, but it's not in the active badge list. Is it because it's UK only?
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