Sun Valley Badge
  • JR1JR1 November 2012
    Sun Valley

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow Sun Valley Resort
    2. Checkin at Sun Valley Resort
    3. Checkin at any of the resort’s official venues from their Venue Lists

    To Level up:
    1. Checkin at 5 more times for level 2
    2. Checkin at 10 more times for level 3-10

    Venue located in Sun Valley, ID

    Unlock instructions verified on: 07/01/2011


    Badge used to be called "Sun Valley 2011 Badge"
  • JR1JR1 November 2012
    Unlock Message:

    "Congratulations on unlocking the Sun Valley Resort Badge! Welcome to the Tradition! Now start your own..."
  • JR1JR1 November 2012
    Space for future updates
  • JR1JR1 November 2012
    This is now a leveling badge

    Should be active soon
  • BrandonBrandon November 2012
  • jimmyongahjimmyongah November 2012
    Reactive from 2011 badge
  • DJROCCODJROCCO November 2012
    One Ski Area per day counts toward leveling.
  • choad17choad17 November 2012
    Does mobile checkin work with leveling?
  • BangGowesBangGowes November 2012
    @choad17 It does...:-)
  • choad17choad17 November 2012
    Also if the badge is active, why did a mod not add it to reactivated forum?
  • BrandonBrandon November 2012
    Because we are busy. :)
  • BonsaiCatBonsaiCat November 2012
    I am not particularly ethusiastic about this change on ski resort badges, but I am very happy because I joined foursquare when the first Sun Valley badge was already retired, and now I have unlocked it! :)
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd November 2012
    @BonsaiCat I was excited to get the previous years badge as well.
  • OperaDudeOperaDude November 2012
    I got this badge last season with the old design ("Sun Valley" instead of the sun)... if I c/i again, do I lose the old badge and get the 2012 version instead, or do I get the new version in addition to what I already have?
  • BangGowesBangGowes November 2012
    @OperaDude 'Sun Valley 2012' badge already retired. You will get the replacing badge of the existing 'Sun Valley 2011' badge with new name ('Sun Valley') but now with leveling. Check-ins 3 times to reach Level 2; c/i 5 times to reach Level 3; c/i 7 times to reach Level 4......c/i 19 times to reach Level 10 (only 1 c/i per day counts). Good luck...:-)
  • ale_dalfiuale_dalfiu November 2012
    In order to level up, should I check-in always in the same venue or not?
    For example, if I check-in 3 times at venue "Sun Valley Resort", will I unlock level 2?
    Thanks in advance!
  • BangGowesBangGowes November 2012
    @ale_dalfiu I think any venue from their list works. In my experience to save time (cause previous c/i counts), I always check-ins at the same venue where I have unlocked the badge first time. It works for me for those 6 ski resort badges. Good luck...:-)
  • ale_dalfiuale_dalfiu November 2012
    @BangGowes thanks a lot!! So kind!! ;-)
  • OperaDudeOperaDude November 2012
    So... if I check into Sun Valley again, this season, do I get a new badge?
  • azzairazzair November 2012
    yes I got different design
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