Be Robin Hood Badge
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2012
    How to unlock:
    1. Checkin to any venue
    2. Shout #121212concert or #121212 when you checkin
    3. Checkin must be on 12/12/2012

    Badge unlocks worldwide

    Unlock instructions verified 12/12/2012
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2012
    Unlock message:
    "On behalf of the first 25,000 people to unlock this badge, Samsung Galaxy will donate $10 each to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, supporting over 100 organizations helping Sandy victims rebuild:"
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2012
    Future space
  • XtriforXtrifor December 2012
    I think the badge name is 'Be Robin Hood'
  • ChaunceChaunce December 2012
    That is a possibility. I just posted a name based on the topic. Did you read somewhere that it was going to be called that?
  • BrandonBrandon December 2012
    From the 4sq home page:

    On December 12th, check in with hashtag '#121212concert' to unlock the 'Be Robin Hood' badge! For the first 25,000 badge unlocks, Samsung Galaxy will donate $10 each to the Robin Hood Relief Fund!
  • rbk_4sq December 2012
    it's not worldwide, coz I try ci in asia, which is already 121212, no unlock
  • rbk_4sq December 2012
    or is it need to wait until 121212 in north america, then it'll unlock worldwide?
  • XtriforXtrifor December 2012
    @rbk_4sq Maybe... Because main concert will take place at Madison Square Gardens 7:30 PM ET
  • KltpzyxmKltpzyxm December 2012
    By the time the concert starts in US, it'll be already 121312 in other countries. Should the badge starts to unlock at that time, even if it will be worldwide, those in the earlier timezone might not get it, just like one of the recent halloween badge, is it ghoul night?
  • myrnagarrido December 2012
    It's 12/12/12 in the Philippines no unlock and badge, maybe it's not worldwide?
  • auditorydemiseauditorydemise December 2012
    just tried since it's 12/12/12 and no badge...
  • XtriforXtrifor December 2012
    Active 12/12/12 7.30 ET US time?
  • RokinmamaRokinmama December 2012
    Just unlocked in UK with #121212concert shoutout
  • KingReem December 2012
    Check out foursquare's blog
  • vanzvanz December 2012
    not active yet??
  • myrnagarrido December 2012
    The badge is active, just unlocked it now in the Philippines!
  • 4sqjunkie4sqjunkie December 2012
    Just unlocked with a mobile c/i with shout of #121212
  • lol220lol220 December 2012
    Unlocked in different timezones and countries just by checking in with a shout of "#121212concert" for my accounts. Mobile checkin works. Worldwide confirmed.
  • KltpzyxmKltpzyxm December 2012
    confirmed... only shouted #121212 and I got the badge here in Philippines
  • XtriforXtrifor December 2012
    Ok got the badge by c/i at MSG with shout and concert event. Haha!
  • RainWave23RainWave23 December 2012
    Now active. Unlock instructions updated, unlock message updated.
  • JonatasMoreJonatasMore December 2012
    Just unlocked õ/
  • BadgerBadger December 2012
    Got it ~ thank you ; )
  • starbugstarbug December 2012
    Just unlocked it in Michigan
  • MarkoFacaMarkoFaca December 2012
    Unlocked in Moscow, with shout #121212concert
  • RainWave23RainWave23 December 2012
    Yes, exactly as the unlock instructions state.
  • leogotoleogoto December 2012
    I unlock this badge at Tokyo on midnight.
    Also My friend get this bage now.
  • HarjifangkiHarjifangki December 2012
    Oh thank god. Almost missed it.
  • _faezah_faezah December 2012
    its worldwide and 121212 will do ;)
  • ErikGustavo December 2012
    Oh god, noooo! Missed this one. :(
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