Fulham FC Badge
  • JR1JR1 February 2013

    How to unlock:
    1. Follow Fulham FC
    2. Checkin at Craven Cottage
    3. Checkin where they are currently playing a game
    To level up:
    1. Checkin at 2 more games for each level (2-10)

    Badge unlocks at the stadium they are currently palying at

    Unlock instructions verified on: 02/20/2012


    Here is the Fulham FC Game Schedule
  • JR1JR1 February 2013
    Unlock Message:
    FFC is taking you home, to the place where you belong. Craven Cottage, by the River. Thanks for checking in @FulhamFC! You can now purchase our brand new Fulham & foursquare t-shirt & you might be rewarded if you wear it! http://ow.ly/hSV4o
  • JR1JR1 February 2013
    Space for future updates:
  • JR1JR1 February 2013
    Badge now showing up grayed out in the trophy case should be active soon.. Next game is on 02/23/2013.
  • StormwatchStormwatch February 2013
    People looking to unlock today note today's game is an early kickoff @12.45GMT
  • KingReem February 2013
    They've activated the event but no badge
  • RokinmamaRokinmama February 2013
    Event is there on mobile c/i but not unlocking yet
  • Jaiswallko February 2013
    Indians should c/i at arround 6 pm IST.
  • ale_dalfiuale_dalfiu February 2013
    I've just unlocked it and it's a leveling badge!
  • nabil_dahlannabil_dahlan February 2013
    yes, got the badge! thanks mog & @ale_dalfiu for the info
  • XtriforXtrifor February 2013
    Level 2 on the spot... Woo!
  • unlock at Legends New York
  • BangGowesBangGowes February 2013
    Leveling only at Stadium
    Level 2: 2 games
    Level 3: 4 games
  • choad17choad17 February 2013
    Weird. Event is still showing. I checkin and it pops up the badge level 2 but then does not show in my badge list. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • BangGowesBangGowes February 2013
    Level 2: You've checked in at 2 Fulham FC games!
    Level 3: You've checked in at 4 Fulham FC games!
    Level 4: You've checked in at 6 Fulham FC games!
  • TheBeairdTheBeaird February 2013
    Level 5 is 10 games
  • ZalabardZalabard March 2013
    Level 6 is 15 games
    Level 7 is 20 games
    Level 8 is 25 games
    Level 9 is 30 games
  • ale_dalfiuale_dalfiu February 2013
    Anyone has this badge image .png and 300x300 as size? Thanks in advance!
  • BrandonBrandon February 2013
    Copy the image address of the badge we have posted, then change 114 to 300. If you don't want the 10x label, delete _10 after all the numbers before .png.
  • ale_dalfiuale_dalfiu February 2013
    Thank you so much! I really appreciated it!
  • BrandonBrandon February 2013
    Happy to help.
  • Now unlocking. For those like me who missed it the first time.
  • JR1JR1 March 2013
    What venue did you checkin to?
  • KingReem March 2013
    @JR1 they are playing at Stadium of Light in Sunderland
  • JR1JR1 March 2013
    Thanks, I had just found it myself too. Just wanted to provide everyone with a link to the venue so they coluld get the badge as well.

    Here is a link to the veune: http://4sq.com/YKawZX
  • KingReem March 2013
    @JR1 no problem
  • iamcarolynn March 2013
    Can anyone help? I've tried this for weeks and can't get an "event". The link to their schedule just shows matches for available tickets, so it's always a week or so in the future and I don't know where they are playing at the moment.
  • bockjebockje March 2013
    it can't be that difficult, on the schedule you can see where they play
    Mon 1 Apr 2013 20:00 @home
    Sun 7 Apr 2013 15:00 in newcastle
    Sat 13 Apr 2013 15:00 in birmingham
    Wed 17 Apr 2013 20:00 @home

    time is in GMT
  • iamcarolynn March 2013
    I suppose I could write it down a week in advance, yes. Because next week that link won't show April 1 games since it will be sold out. You've posted it here, so that works. Thanks.
  • pchin2pchin2 March 2013
    Fulham FC, here I come...see you on Mon 1 Apr 2013 (8:00 PM)! :)
  • StormwatchStormwatch March 2013
    Our Clocks in UK go forward Sunday 31st to BST so the times above will be BST and not GMT
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