Top Chef Badge
  • ChaunceChaunce May 2011
    Top Chef

    How to Unlock:
    1. Follow Bravo
    2. Check in at 2 restaurant venues associated with the show

    Unlock instructions verified on: 07/01/2011

    Confirmed Venues:
    San Francisco Scala's Bistro Fleur de Lys

    NYC WD50 Asiate Trestle on Tenth 'wichcraft MELT

    Venue List:
    Top Chef Competitors' Restaurants

    Unlock Message:
    "You wear the term "foodie" as a badge of honor, and now have BRAVO's Top Chef Badge to prove it."
  • abundantwaterabundantwater December 2011
    I checked into 2 Seattle venues without unlocking. Thanks for the SF venues :)
  • oohmysamoohmysam January 2012
    i wondered how i lost this badge. i unlocked it a few days ago, weird!
  • bella615bella615 January 2012
    Unlocked today w two NY check ins.
  • pudgym29pudgym29 February 2012
    A "thank you" to Lisa Huey for the comprehensive list enabling me to unlock this badge.
  • I've checked into 3 of the locations on the list and still no badge! Grrrr!
  • TymoraTymora May 2012
    @Kensingtonite I tested both San Fransisco venues and the first two New York venues and was able to get the badge. Are you using the links here in the forum or the ones on Bravo's page? Are you following Bravo? You should have at least received the Bravo Newbie badge if you are. Lastly, were you getting points for your checkin?
  • @Tymora Sorry for the late response. Yes, I am following Bravo, and have gotten several of their other badges. I was using links from the "Top Chef's Competitor's Venue List" on this page. And yes, I got points for all of the check-ins. Still no badge, though!
  • RainWave23RainWave23 June 2012
    @Kensingtonite Use the venues listed in the unlock instructions. They are confirmed venues that unlock the badge.
  • Undertaker32ejwUndertaker32ejw October 2012
    I am following Bravo, and checked into all 3 Atlanta locations on the list, no badge.
  • MarkoFacaMarkoFaca January 2013
    This badge is probably retired...
  • blueduck37blueduck37 January 2013
    It's not retired. I just got it last month.
  • MarkoFacaMarkoFaca January 2013
    Just checked 5 venues in NY, no badge :(
  • BeerknurdBeerknurd January 2013
    @MarkoFaca Make sure you are following Bravo. I just got it with 2 NY venues. Make sure that you are getting points for your check in's as well.
  • MarkoFacaMarkoFaca January 2013
    Deleted previous checkins, checked in again, got it :) Thanks!
  • BrandonBrandon February 2013
    Badge is retired.
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