Foursquare Time Machine

foursquare time machineFoursquare is ultimately about data collection and different ways that data can manifest itself. Today they announced a new way to visualize your checkins with what they are calling The Foursquare Time Machine. Powered in partnership with the Samsung Galaxy S4, this interactive display of data even stops its animation and music when you switch windows or tabs, much like the S4 stops video playback when you look away from the screen. Though, the downside of this is if you want to look at another window while it is gathering the data. After telling it to fetch your stats, it begins with your first checkin, shows your flights across different cities, and basically is a pretty way to display your own stats.

Watch the animation, see what places Foursquare recommends, and create your own Foursquare history infographic by stepping into The Foursquare Time Machine.

Matters of Grey Foursquare Time Machine

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