Geek Gift Guide – Photography

by on Monday, November 28th, 2011

Our holiday guide to geek gift giving continues with a few items in the world of photography. These items below will help you make quick beautiful pictures that will be album/gallery ready. You will impress even your professional photography friends when they see what these items can do. The following items come recommended by husband and wife photography team Dez & Tam.

Sony NEX3

$469.00 on Amazon

Sony NEX3 CameraThe Sony NEX series cameras give the image quality of an expensive DSLR, with the portability of a point and shoot camera. Photography experts will appreciate the full manual controls on the camera, while the full automatic settings actually do a great job of taking great pictures. I carry mine around with me at all times when I’m not carrying around our pro gear.

Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB

$29.99 on Amazon

Eye-FiThis SD card couples perfectly with any digital camera. It allows you to wirelessly transmit your pictures to your iOS or Android device. This gives you the instant ability to share your pictures online without having to go home and download your photos to your desktop first. When our son was born, I was able to take pictures with my Sony NEX3, and instantly share them on Facebook immediately from the hospital.

Adobe Lightroom 3

$159.99 on Amazon

Adobe Lightroom 3This is “the” software to use to organize and edit all your photos. Pictures straight-out-of-the-camera are almost never good enough, as they usually need some adjustment. Lightroom makes it dead simple to make edits, and apply similar changes to an entire batch of photos. This is the main piece of software we use in our photography business, and it is considered our bread and butter.