GM EN-V: Two Seater Bubble Segway

GM EN-VAt CES this year GM has showcased a new vehicle called the EN-V (Electric Networked Vehicle), which has two seats, two wheels and is incased in a bubble-typed shell. The EN-V uses the balancing properties similar to those of the Segway and is almost completely silent. In the video you will also see that it has an autopilot mode that doesn’t require a human driver as it uses GPS for its navigation.

Not sure about their practicality though as it only gets about 40 miles on a charge and is roughly about 5′ tall, which wouldn’t be great for highway use. I would imagine it could be a great toy for those that have some disposable income to roll around in a large house or at a golf course. You might also see mall security cruising around in them too at some point. GM didn’t have any comments on price.

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