Going Dark To Protest SOPA – The Internet Blacklist Bill

The internet is a place of beauty, freedom, and innovation. The proposed SOPA bill has the ability to squelch that expression, and block websites that you might visit daily. Joining with the protests across the web, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18, 2012, Matters of Grey will be going black. We realize that this will be an inconvenience for our global users whom SOPA will not affect directly, but if you watch the video below you will see this bill has an effect on us all. We will still be active on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We want to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and support.

Please review the video and infographic below for more information about this bill.

Sopa Infographic 2
Sopa Infographic 3
Sopa Infographic 4
Sopa Infographic 5
Sopa Infographic 6
Sopa Infographic 7

Thank you to AmericanCensorship.org for creating this infographic.

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  1. wow. it will be so weird to see some websites dark. It’s cool you guys are making a stand for what you believe in.