Her?: Arrested Development Art Exhibit Opens Friday

by on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles will be opening an art exhibit titled “There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand” on June 29th and running until July 21st. The gallery will feature works from over 80 artists based upon the cult classic television show, Arrested Development. Intricate details of Buster, Tobias, Gob, and other characters including Tony Wonder, will be woven into prints, dolls, sketches, sculptures, and even an old fashioned child playset.

It is no secret that we love the show, even having a page dedicated to Arrested Development Ringtones. Much like artists and musicians, sometimes a television show must die too soon in order to be immortalized. Gallery 1988, gallery of many pop-culture themed exhibits, is helping the legend of AD live on. Don’t make a huge mistake, make sure you check out this show.

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