Instacube – A Living Canvas For Instagram Images

by on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Instacube Logo SmallThe internet, cell phones, tablets (sadly), and apps like Instagram have turned everyone into a photographer. Instacube is launching a Kickstarter project today in hopes to turn these photos into a party, into a tribute, and into a piece of art. Instacube is a living canvas that will become a centerpiece of your parties, family gatherings, and day-to-day life.

How It Works

Created by the engineers and designers at Design to Matter, Instacube posesses a minimalistic retro appearance. Instacube is 7.5” tall x 2.5” deep cube with an LCD touchscreen that will display Instagram images at 600px x 600px. Content is pushed directly from your Instagram feed to the cube via your stream, hashtags, or handles. Programming and even liking images can be managed via 3 buttons on the top of the cube. The UI is simple and streamlined and works effortlessly over WiFi, powered by a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The cube is constantly updating so images will display as they happen in real-time. John Whaley, Head Industrial Designer at D2M, explains his vision behind Instacube:

Up until this point, Instagram has been a very inward, pocket-sized experience. With Instacube, our Instagram feed becomes an outward expression. Now we can enjoy our Instagrams as they happen, and appreciate them in full-scale for the pieces of art they are.

Cool Factor

With its sleek retro design and its simple functions, there are many ways one could utilize Instacube.

Much like every social conference should include a tweet wall, every party should have an Instacube. Give your party a specific hashtag. Every picture your guests post in Instagram using that hashtag will then show up seamlessly. The party just became interactive.

Send an Instacube to Grandpa or relatives that aren’t as strong with technology and they will instantly have a digital picture frame that will display family images that you take.

Go to sleep with pictures of stars, planets, and moons displaying on your bedside table. Or like Whaley’s vision, wake up to images of sunrises.

As our society has gone digital, certain societal norms have had to evolve. Printed pictures in frames on mantles were replaced with digital frames with memory cards. Cameras were joined by cell phones as the tools to take pictures. Editing software was joined with apps like Instagram. Instacube continues this evolution of photography as a way to display your images.

Design to Matter hopes to raise $250,000 to begin manufacturing the device. Early adopter pricing starts at $99 and Instacube will retail for $149. Even a $10 donation will earn you a shout-out.