Introducing Our App For Those on the Go

Friend Us On Number TwosquareWe are pleased to announce our new app, “number twosquare,” available on both Android and iOS devices.

What is number twosquare?

Number twosquare is a location-based mobile platform that puts a whole new spin on bathroom etiquette. By “checking in,” users share an intimate moment with friends while collecting virtual badges.


  • Push notifications
  • Detailed statistics that display where and when you’re “regular”
  • Tiered Loyalty Levels: Multiple checkins to the same venue will grant various titles: Prince of the Pooper, Empoorer, and Grand Duke
  • Coming soon: The ability to upload photos and comment. Also, the option to rate checkins and locations.

Get Started

To start, we are releasing twelve badges that are available for unlocking. Below is the list of the badges, along with the instructions on how to unlock each one. We are welcome to any ideas you may have for future badges. Please drop a comment (or two) below!

Download the new app and have fun exploding!

Badge Message Unlock
Congrats on your first check-in Newbie! Become a regular and you might become the Grand Duke. When you do, your reign on the throne will be a gentle one. Check into any bathroom.
Looks like you found a nice, quiet place to catch up on your reading! Magazines and books galore, just don’t start War and Peace. When your leg falls asleep, you know its been too long. Check into and spend 30 minutes or more in a bathroom.
Rapid Fire
Someone’s been eatin’ their bran! You may be fast and furious, but really its just a good metabolism. Check into a bathroom 2x in 60 minutes.
Missing the Plop
You’re missing the plot to take a plop. No wonder you didn’t understand “Inception.” Check into a movie theater bathroom.
Too shy? Don’t like to toot your own horn? Gotta find somewhere private, where no one knows your name. Check into a bathroom that is not the nearest to you.
Musical Dukes
You’re rockin’ the suburbs. You take the checks and face the facts. That some producer with computers, mixes all your shitty tracks. Check into a bathroom at a concert venue.
Bathroom Rat
You’re the sensei of the squat, the Splinter of the toilet seat. If you’re not the Prince of the Pooper yet, you soon will be. The Situation would call you a dirty little hamster, but we call you a Bathroom Rat! Check into the same bathroom 10x in a month.
33% Beef
It’s the Gringo Gallop, the Aztec Two-step…It’s Montezuma’s revenge! That is some quick acting frijoles. Check into a Mexican restaurant bathroom.
He’s on FIRE!
Boomshakalaka! Time to lower the spice level and lay off the Thai chilies. Boom goes the dynamite! Check into a Thai restaurant bathroom.
Sunny Side Up
We get it cheerio, you’re a morning person. The rest of the world hates you. Check into a bathroom 5x in a month before 10am.
Home Sweet Home
You don’t need the paper seat covers provided by the Man, cause in your home YOU are the man! Nothing but cold pure porcelin for you. Check into your home bathroom 20x in a month.
You’re the King of the World! Or, at least the king of the mobile checkin. You make Badge addictions glamorous. Check into 3 bathrooms, on 3 different continents in one day.

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  1. Wew, sounds fun.
    Do anybody know when Blackberry version for this app is available?

    1. I hear it will only be coming out for the upcoming Dingleberry smartphone offshoot.

  2. when i trying to believe then i look at my phone, OMG! this is 1st April


  4. where I can download the app for android?
    Do u have an Link?

  5. Is it ok to check in for number 1 as well?

  6. well … good moderation.. 🙂

  7. Bladi fool!! I search this apps at Itunes! damn you got me!

  8. may i know how to sign up this?? hello?

  9. I’m a proud Indonesian, (but not proud of the jumpers) and I’m still laughing my ass off. This is by far the best day of my life watching those jumpers being offended by this genius blog entry.
    Seriously. Geez… I’m gonna need something to stop laughing.

    listen, some of the jumpers got offended by the checkin’in the bathroom thingy. Ouch! reality bites. Check in at Washington Museum of Art while doing number2? well, that is their expertise ladies and gentleman.

    But anyway, do this more often will ya, but next time, leave Indonesia Map out of any jokes. It’s a very sensitive case for Indonesian nationalities.


    1. we meant no ill will in our indonesian reference. We actually thought that having their own badge would be a way we could honor our great fans from there.

      We have removed the indonesian reference, so as to keep in the spirit of the day.

      All apologies to the offended.