iShould Car Wash {App Review}

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Have you ever decided to wash your car and then find out the next morning that it rained? We have and it was frustrating. iShould Car Wash is the first ever car wash decision engine that checks the 7-day forecast and based upon your geolocation, temperature, and percent chance of rain preferences, it gives you a simple YES or NO. Now you’ll never have to wonder whether you should wash your car or not!

We love simple apps that do one thing and one thing well. It’s why we wrote about OVER, the typography overlay app, last week. It’s also the reason why we are writing about this app. However, there is one twist. iShould Car Wash was conceived and developed by me, Greg Crisci. It has been a year in the making and I am proud to finally launch it out into the world.

You may ask “Why did it take so long to launch such a simple app?” It wasn’t just the fact that I’m not a coder nor an Android coder, but the big hold up was that we felt that the design wasn’t up to par with what we are capable of. However, just like how I am not a coder, I am not a designer. With the app already completed, we decided to take a cue from the Learn Startup methodology of launch early and often. Get your MVP (minimum viable product) out the door and into customers hands. They will tell you what they want.

We welcome any feedback you have.

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  1. Hello to clever, simple & useful, and wise that you chose to follow the MVP rule. What about iOS version? I learn a lot here –>

  2. I’ve been putting off washing my car for too long. Now, I have one less excuse. This app is pretty cool and straight to the point. Thanks!