Kickstarter Makes A Match With Instacube And SmartThings

Instacube SmartThings DisplayInstacube has partnered with SmartThings to make their world even smarter. MoG was the first to break the story of the Instacube Kickstarter campaign and have watched with excitement as their project became fully funded within four days. And now, with 15 days remaining in their Kickstarter campaign, Instacube has raised nearly double their initial goal amount of $250,000. They have been the tech darling of many great publications the past few weeks. However, there has been another Kickstarter campaign bringing in backers and attention. With 15 days remaining on the SmartThings Kickstarter, they have already raised nearly $600,000, much more than their inital goal of $250,000.


With a goal of making your world smarter, SmartThings connects the physical world with the Internet. Allowing you to connect every day things (your pet, your front door, your lights, etc.) to the Internet, SmartThings enables you to manage and control your phyisical world through your phone.

Instacube Partners With SmartThings

Kickstarter has brought these two tech love birds together, and today they announced a partnership. SmartThings technology will now be integrated with Instacube. Andy Butler, Instacube & D2M CEO, describes part of the thoughts that led to this partnership.

A lot of people have been asking for intuitive on-off sleep timers and motion sensors. Consumers are cognizant of power consumption and demand more efficient hardware. The partnership with SmartThings gives us added capabilities and feature options that go far beyond that in a completely unexpected way.

Some of the potential uses of the new SmartThings enabled Instacube, are the ability to turn off the lights when no one is home, view a picture of a visitor who knocks at your door, and sense when you wake up and initiate morning events such as brewing coffee and turning on lights. The SmartThings technology increases the capabilities of a pretty Instagram digital frame, and turns it into a hub that empowers the user to control the world around them.

A marriage made in Kickstarter, Instacube and SmartThings hope to make your world smarter. Instacube and SmartThings have raised nearly $1,000,000 and both campaigns will close preorders on September 21, 2012. Butler expressed the unique matchmaking abilities of the Kickstarter environment when he said:

Kickstarter has been a powerful force for us, not only bringing us together with users but also with other great entrepreneurs.


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