LastPass Application Review

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  • Free basic account
  • Premium account – $1 a month

Version tested: 1.72



LastPass is a password management system that replaces the insecure version that your web browser uses. It securely encrypts and syncs passwords, allowing you to manage and use them across multiple computers and devices.


Free Account

  • Synchronized secure password management
  • Single sign on
  • Automatic form filling
  • Multiple browser plugins (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE) for multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Secure password generator

Premium Account
All of the features of the free account plus:

  • Multifactor authentication via USB Drive
  • Smartphone apps
  • IE Anywhere. Use LastPass without installing a plugin.
  • Ad free
  • Priority support via email or phone

* Full list of features


With nine personal and work email accounts and hundreds of websites that require me to log in during a given week, I had a tendency to either forget my password or use the same password for a majority of websites. In doing so, I wasted plenty of time resetting my password and I also made it more likely that if my password was ever stolen that people could access everything from my email to online banking.


  • If you don’t use the autofill feature on a log in, the bar will remain across the top of the browser until you close it. It should be able to sense that you’ve already logged in and close on its own.
  • Occasionally the autofill is delayed slightly if you don’t have a fast connection. They should focus on optimizing the product even on a slow connection.



Download and install now! Not having to remember a 12-digit alphanumeric with special character password for every site I use makes things 100 times easier on me and is also more secure for my personal information. You can’t beat the free price tag for a majority of the features and even if you need the more advanced options one dollar a month is within most anyone’s budget.

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  1. Hi Geoff! Great find on this application!! I’m loving LastPass so far! I usually spend half my day re-setting passwords I’ve forgotten. I really like the function of it storing my credit card info too, for quick check-outs. Awesome Article!!