Much More Than A Dock

Lumawake isn’t your ordinary iPhone dock. Lumawake is an all-purpose dock that provides Smart Wake technology, home automation, an Open API, and all in a beautifully designed iPhone charging station. Drew Shepard, Co-Founder of Lumawake adds that “from the time you go to bed to the moment you wake up, Lumawake is working to improve your life in a fun and exciting way.”


Smart Wake Technology – You don’t have to wear anything! No headbands or wristbands. It has a built-in sensor allowing Lumawake to sense and map your sleeping patterns all from the side of your bed.

Sleep Monitoring & Tracking – “The optimal time to wake is in light sleep. Think back to times when you have woken naturally and felt like it was time to wake versus times when you were jerked out of sleep by an alarm, maybe in the middle of a dream. This differentiation is not necessarily defined by how much sleep you got, rather which phase you were in when you woke”, said Scott Roehrick, Lumawake’s Chief Outreach Officer.

Home Automation – Lumawake integrates with the most advanced home automation systems like Belkin’s WeMo and SmartThings. You can have it turn on a pot of coffee in the morning or turn your lights off if you forget.

It’s Customizable – Have it blink blue for Twitter. Red for voicemail. Green for a call. Or whatever you’d like!

Open API – Are you looking for something more than an iPhone dock? Think about it like this, since they pretty much ‘opened’ their doors to other nerds, you will have new apps being built on top of Lumawake over the coming years.

Use ANY iPhone – It has a swappable charger so you don’t have to worry about having an older or newer model iPhone.

It’s A Charger – Yea, it’ll charge your phone. That’s what almost all the other docks do. Why not get everything else above for relatively the same price?

Other Reasons Why We LOVE Lumawake

Native San Diegans – We love supporting local projects. Especially ones where we see them working day-in and day-out to successfully launch. They aren’t in it for only the money, but they have a mission to build something great.

Open And Transparent – They have developed an Open API that will leverage any developer in the world to always make Lumawake the best it can be.

“Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Kickstarter recently changed their policies regarding hardware products and Lumawake was one of the many projects that got denied. Kickstarter had a huge problem of people creating mock-ups, getting millions of dollars, and then missing the ship date because they had no idea about manufacturing. The Lumawake team spent endless hours reviewing and adjusting for the new policies, however, their appeal was rejected. They did not give up, but rather figured out a clever way to continue on. So, what’d they do?

They contacted Lockitron, who also was denied by Kickstarter but still managed to raise $1.5M. Leveraging, a new open-sourced crowdfunding platform released by Lockitron, Lumawake officially launched on November 19th, 2012. They hope to raise at least $150,000 to begin production. Early adopter pricing starts at $149 and Lumawake will retail for approximately $199. Reserve one through the Lumawake website.



Full Disclosure: We are friends with the Lumawake team, but received no monetary compensation to write about them. As always, we like being transparent in what we do.

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