Major Tech IPOs Over First 15 Days {infograph}

An interesting set of infographs released by Statista shows the performance of some of the most well known tech IPOs over their first 15 days. What is surprising is that Yahoo and eBay nearly tripled on the first day. Some analysts say that is because their initial reviews were under valued, whereas some like Google and Microsoft only had about a 20% gain in the first day and stayed constant through the following 14 days.

The second infograph shows how much a $100 investment in each IPO would be worth as of February 1, 2012.

Major Tech IPOs 1

Major Tech IPOs 2

Sources: Statista, Mashable

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  1. The ONLY IPO I would like to have had is BerkshireHathaway…check it out!

  2. Interesting downward or minimal gain of those that were released relatively recently.