Mobio INsider – It Pays To Be Social

mobioinsiderfeatureMobio INsider is a social media platform that attempts to bridge the gap between fans and their favorite stars. A hybrid between Twitter and Quora with a little bit of Reddit mixed in, Mobio INsider stimulates questions and answers between influencers and their fans. Once a question is posed to an influencer, it can receive fan votes to move higher up the list, giving it a greater opportunity to be seen and answered by the celebrity.

What is the Mobio INsider Program?

Social media networks make a lot of money from advertisements due to their high traffic volumes. Users drive that traffic, so why shouldn’t they get a cut? The impetus of Mobio INsider when it first began was to create a revenue sharing program that would attract and build a network of celebrities and power users. As the user base has grown, the influencer program has been opened up to more and more niche users. The ultimate goal for Mobio INsider is to build a social network where all of the users get paid for their social influence and the content they create. The network shares 50% of advertising revenue with qualified users who are generating content and driving traffic to their profile pages. Do you have high engagement? See if you qualify to get paid at

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