Motorola Droid-X Wallpaper: Dimensions and Guide

by on Friday, July 16th, 2010

Droid-XLike many geeks, one of the first things I like to do after purchasing new technology is finding its settings and customizing it to make it my own. Such is the case after I purchased the Motorola Droid-X yesterday.

First off, the Droid-X is amazing — a huge change of pace from my previous phone, the Blackberry Tour. The default wallpaper sets are sharp, but that’s exactly what they are: defaults. The live wallpapers are slick also (Especially the Mario Live Wallpaper), but they consume more battery power.

The viewing resolution of a Droid-X is 480×854 pixels. However, if you want to make a wallpaper for the phone, you will need to create an image that is 960×854.

This is due to the seven different panels that a user can customize. From the home screen, a user simply needs to flick left or right to view the other panels. As they move around, however, the wallpaper shuffles along as well, creating an interesting effect of breadth.

This is how it breaks down. We’ll start with the overall wallpaper image:

Size: 960x854 pixels

As you move left or right, the screen moves over in increments of 80px.

The viewable panel areas are highlighted in red.

Home Panel

Droid Wallpaper Panel 2

Panel 2

Droid Wallpaper Panel 3

Panel 2

Droid Wallpaper Panel 4

Panel 2

Droid Wallpaper Panel 5

Panel 5

Droid Wallpaper Panel 6

Panel 6

Droid Wallpaper Panel 7

Panel 7


Knowing this information, you should be able to make some really creative designs for the Droid-X.