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Radiohead - OptimisticMusic quotes, typography, and design make up the simple and elegant work of Mico Toledo. Developing posters each week from a poignant song quote, he creates a strong visual representation of deep emotion. Songs are the modern day sonnets, with lyrics being recited and hummed more often than love poems.

Mico creates beautiful arrangements of color to display his love of music and typography. He is selling a few of his prints in an Etsy store. You can view all of his music philosophy designs at his website or his other works on his Flickr account.

Stating on his site that the designs make for great iPhone wallpapers, he also is open to suggestions of song lyrics to design. Here are 4 suggestions from me. What lyrics would you suggest?

“You belong among the wildflowers” – Tom Petty

“We live in a beautiful world” – Coldplay

“I wanna scream so loud for you” – Kanye West

“Adjectives on the typewriter, he moves his words like a prize fighter” – Cake

Below are some of my favorties from his Music Philosophy portfolio. Click on the thumbnails below to scroll through the images.

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